Empire Re-Cap: Light In Darkness

Empire Season 3 Episode 1: Light In Darkness WHADDUP!!! This summer was crazy, and our world is fucked up. But you know how we combat that? We spend some quality time with the dysfunctional light skinned Lyon’s of South Philly. I missed you guys. Now let’s get to it.     Life After Death Rhonda’s dead. Let’s just get that… Read more →


Changing of the Seasons

As we age the seasons change. We go from one point in our lives to another. There’s a lot going on in our world right now, much that I haven’t really come here to discuss because it’s all the same stuff I have been discussing for years. Hatred wears a white face cloaked in blue clothes with red crosshairs in… Read more →


What I’ve Learned After Pulse…

The Pulse massacre¬†in Orlando on Sunday has forever changed me. I used to be very careful about how I expressed myself in regards to my sexuality because I didn’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. I wanted to let people know ‘Yo, I’m not straight’ but leave the distinction there and not do anything to make anyone else feel uncomfortable.… Read more →

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Empire Re-Cap: Past Is Prologue

Empire Season 2 Episode 18: Past Is Prologue   I’m so glad we had this time together ūüôā For those of you that have been riding out¬†with me all season reading these recaps I Thank You. I write the recaps with you in mind. That said, let’s jump into the season finale of our favorite What The Fuck?! series. Last… Read more →

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Empire Re-Cap: Rise By Sin

Empire Season 2 Episode 17: Rise By Sin Last night was Whoah. It was our reward for sticking with the show after damn near everyone else abandoned it. I may talk my shit, but I still want Empire to succeed. And last night, succeed it did. Last week’s re-cap is here. Shook Ones Lucious, in final preparation for the ASA’s,… Read more →

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Empire Re-Cap: The Lyon Who Cried Wolf

Empire Season 2 Episode 16: The Lyon Who Cried Wolf Since I’ve been so disappointed in Empire for the past few weeks last night¬†I said ‘Fuck it. I’m going out tonight. I’ll watch that shit tomorrow.’ Of course, the first time I do that the show is actually good. Last night’s episode was a whole bunch of Whoah! Here’s last… Read more →

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Empire Re-Cap: More Than Kin

Empire Season 2 Episode 15: More Than Kin Empire is a show I personally believe in, even though I know it has lost a huge chunk of its initial fan base. And I can see why. Each week the continuity, coherence and cohesiveness of the narrative gets lost inside of huge WOW moments that don’t really make a lot of… Read more →

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Days after we lost music icon Prince¬†international superstar Beyonce’ dropped her highly anticipated sixth¬†album¬†Lemonade for her fans and stans around the world. She commemorated the release with an hour-long special on HBO last Saturday night. The internet went NUTS! I enjoy Beyonce’s music, but was unable to watch the Lemonade special on Saturday night. But thanks to the internet I… Read more →



Price died yesterday and the world feels it. It’s reminiscent of when Mike and Whitney died because it comes out of left field as a reminder of how precious life is. Death is the part of life we all like to ignore, because it’s the final act we all will experience at some point. Though we never know when and… Read more →

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Empire Re-Cap: Time Shall Unfold

Empire Season 2 Episode 14: Time Shall Unfold I’m not sure how you felt about last night’s episode, but that shit was terrible. Rushed plots. Incoherent storytelling. It was a whole mess. If you need to read last week’s recap for The Tameness of a Wolf here it is. Oh Empire, I have to warn you….this is gonna hurt. The… Read more →