F#ckin’ Frost

ImageIt’s wintertime in Philadelphia, and you know what? It’s cold as shit. But then again it’s always cold in the winter in Philly. And at times I forget that, since I work so early in the morning, I have to contend with the fuckin’ frost on my windshield and car windows.

That shit annoys the hell outta me!!

God I hate the fuckin’ frost. I’ll be running right on schedule about to drive to the train station when lo and behold….there it is all over my windows like bird shit in the spring.

The fuckin’ frost.

I guess what makes me the most upset is that every time I go out there thinking I’ve got just enough time to make my train the fuckin’ frost is waiting for me like kryptonite waits for Superman. One time I was running so late I didn’t even scrape my windows. I just drove to the train station with the heat oh Hell hoping not to run anyone over.

God I hate the fuckin’ frost.

Spring, get here!

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