Recently I decided on a few things I need to change about myself.
1) Stop Smoking
2) Stop Drinking so damn much
3) Start exercising on a regular basis
4) Start eating better
5) STOP meeting men off the internet.

Soooo. I stopped drinking, smoking and eating bullshit. I haven’t met any men off the net, but I also haven’t been to the gym yet. But it’s only been a week.
True change takes commitment, focus and dedication.

Let me tell you about Friday Night.

I got off work, had a few drinks with my homies and had 1 cigarette. Then a few hours later I was at another friend’s house pigging out on Pizza, Doritos and bullshit.

Around 1 in the morning I became violently ill. I threw up and was in the bathroom all night. It took me all weekend to get myself together and now, on Sunday at 4:30 in the afternoon, I’m finally starting to feel better. I guess the moral of this story is that if you’re going to change then you have to stick to it and not have any relapses. Truthfully, I think my body was starting to get used to the things I had began to eliminate from my diet. Whether or not it was making me feel better was unknown to me at the time, but now after going through that episode I think that not eating all the crap I used to and making those small changes can have a positive effect on my weight loss moving forward.

So, I slipped up. Hey, we all do it. But now that I know that these changes are working I’m not going to allow myself the disappointment (or night or earling and shitting) again. It was a hard lesson to learn, but better I slip up now in the beginning than later on when I’ve reached my goal.

And that goal is…..To Lose 30 Pounds by May! Let’s Get It!!!

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