Month: January 2013

Stop Lying To Yourself

Tomorrow, Black History Month will begin. Get ready to hear about Dr. King, President Obama and Oprah for the next 28 damn days. I kid, but not really. Some people don’t think there’s a need for Black History Month anymore because they no longer see color. Well, I stay leery of people who say They Don’t See Color when they… Read more →


As I look back on the things that make me who I am I have to say that I know I’m still nowhere near who I want to be. I’m definitely a better version of who I was before, but since I know that life rolls on and continues to teach us I also know that there are still so… Read more →

The Alternative

Last year I was faced with a huge difficulty. There’s this person I work with that I cannot stand. And I don’t mean in the cute way people at most jobs can’t stand their co-workers. You know, talking bad about them to other people or trying to sleep with their spouses for revenge. I’m talking about the kind of dislike… Read more →


The thing about life is that we all get bogged down in the things we have to do. We have to work. We have to pay bills. We have to find a way to save money. I think that people allow their responsibilities to deter them from pursuing the things that make them happy. And I don’t necessarily mean on a grand scheme like becoming the Ultimate Fighting… Read more →


I have always been a sucker for a pretty face. I’m a man dammit! Men are stupid, visual creatures.  None of us want to be with someone we don’t find attractive in some way, but in my experience I have at times let better looking men get away with shit that I would have quickly shut down with uglier brothas.… Read more →

Should I go on?

Last night I began my first session of the writing workshop I’m participating in this winter. We were given a writing prompt and had to write for 20 minutes. This is what I came up with. The snow stayed in her hair longer than my ‘I Love You’ stayed on her mind. Dammit! She’s done it again. She can be… Read more →

The Broke Show

Ah 2012. You were, by far, a thousand times better than 2011 (which sucked roach balls). Romantically, YOU PROVIDED ME WITH A LOT OF FUNNY STORIES. Some were Ha Ha funny while others were SMH funny, and the rest were just WTF??? funny.In any case, my love life is going into its 8th season as one of the most hilarious… Read more →


Real Quick I have to send a huge shout to my big cousin that I lost last week, Nathaniel Banks Jr. AKA Spark. AKA Cousin Mann. AKA Uncle Nate. AKA OG Nate. His spirit will live on through all that loved him. I will never forget him and live with nothing but fond memories of someone I was proud to… Read more →