Month: February 2013

The Rantings of My Mind!

I love to write. I’ve been taking a writing workshop for the past few weeks and the second session will be starting in about two weeks. I’m going to do it because it helps me force myself to write something everyday. That said, sometimes I have no idea what the fuck to write here. Yesterday’s post was a win because… Read more →


I was the biggest nerd in the world when I was a kid. I sucked at sports, read comic books, drew all the time and loved to write….all of this translates into the word nerd. Need proof? I prefer dork, as I was smart enough for nerd status but tried to act like I was dumb so that people would… Read more →

The Problem with Your 30’s

You know, not too long ago I was in my 20’s. I was a hard drinking, hard smoking, hard partying animal whose days consisted of sleep and nights consisted of liquor and fun. Whether it was at home with friends or out and about making new friends, I have always been all about that life. Well you know what? I’m… Read more →

F#ck It!!

Earlier this week I was spazzing about how I’m completely broke until next Friday. And believe me, on Monday I had moments of utter despair followed by worry and doubt on how I was going to make it. Tuesday and Wednesday were good, but I had the same moments of fear in my mind. And then it hit me; The… Read more →

February 14th

IF YOU’RE IN A RELATIONSHIP…. Ladies, This is for you Fellas, This is for you And just know that I Love You. But this post ain’t for you. Today, I’m talking to anyone  out there who will allow this one day to shatter your belief in love or heighten any sadness you feel about being single. Do NOT let this… Read more →


Today marks the beginning of Lent. Will you be successful in your sacrifice? I’ll share with you two of my Lenten tales so gather ’round children and listen carefully. Lent 2011: I decided to give up pizza for the 40 day sacrifice. Friends said ‘Nah n!gga, you can’t do that!’ Co-workers mocked me and ate pizza damn near everyday just to… Read more →

It’s Not Just Hip Hop

Nowadays people, especially the older more sophisticated connoisseur of Hip Hop like yours truly, like to talk about how wack all of these new rappers are like Drake, and Nicki and whoever else is out there feeding our children lies and talking reckless. The majority of marketable Hip Hop is trash. They’re all songs about materialism, misogyny and the miscreants… Read more →

Not An Aisle Fan

This morning it’s rainy, and cold, and February 8. Not that it’s a specific day, it’s just sooooo far away from the Spring it makes me sad. This morning I caught the train at 6:53 (the train I hate with my whole heart and soul, but I must catch it in order to be here on time). I was already… Read more →