Month: April 2013

A Quick Confession

It has taken me years to admit this but I cannot stay in the closet any longer. I love Rihanna. Not because she’s a great singer. Not because she’s an international superstar. Not because she’s beautiful. I love Rihanna because she’s an arrogant young drug addict with tons of money and plenty of Fuck Y’all to go around for everyone.… Read more →

The End of the Affair

Everyone, I have a confession to make. Recently my job handed out bonuses for the year and let me just tell you my eyes popped out of my head when I checked my account balance that fateful Tuesday morning. The bonuses always come on a Tuesday so I affectionately call that day: SUPER TUESDAY! Because it truly is a fuckin’… Read more →

Drinking on a Monday

It was not my intention to be one of the stereotypically loud black people inside of a predominantly white leather bar during a Phillies game last night But dammit, that’s who I was. My homie Vellie is celebrating his birthday all this week and I decided to hang out with him for a bit after work, and afterwards I went… Read more →


This past weekend I was talking with a few of my friends about life and the pursuit of happiness (and not the movie) Somehow we got onto the subject of the growing pains of gay dating and the unrealistic expectations some young men have in regards to love and relationships. Everyone wants to fall in love and be with that… Read more →