Month: June 2013

Don’t Be Surpised…

This week has been ridiculously groundbreaking and historic. My man James Gandolfini, Tony Soprano from New Jersey, was laid to rest (RIP and Respect) The Trayvon Martin case has started in Florida, and though I can’t watch it at work my thoughts and prayers go out to the family. Paula Deen has slathered herself in buttery bigotry. And that nut… Read more →

A Quickie: One Helluva Show

Some would call me lazy (and I would agree) but I love sleep. Yes, I realize Nas famously said that sleep is the cousin of death, but dammit if we all don’t need that time killer to survive in this life. For sleep replenishes us so we can attack our full days. And I will admit that sometimes I go… Read more →

Whip Ya’ Like Butter!

She said it. She’s been saying it. And now, she’s losing everything because of her decision to reveal her timeless love affair with that word. A word so heinous, so damaging to our American culture that its usage is only allotted to a select few. A word so detrimental to the purity of our country that the NAACP, on behalf… Read more →

A Quickie: What Happened??

As I’ve stated before, I LOVE Music. And videos are one of the most classic examples of an art form inspired by music. But only when they tell a story that goes along with the song. Like Congratulations by Vesta (RIP). She’s singing about hearing from a nosy, gossiping friend that her ex-man is getting married TODAY! “Bitch run to… Read more →

A Quickie: Ay, Dios Mio!

  As I was perusing the interwebs for ways to entertain myself during some down time at work I somehow found my way to HuffPo’s TV section. Originally I clicked on an article about the show Smash, which has finally lived up to it’s name because it stinks like shit and as a result has finally been canceled. After I… Read more →