Month: October 2013

Safe and Secure

George Orwell’s classic, dystopian novel 1984 paints a morbid account of a future society where there is no hope. But the saddest piece of that alternate reality is that there is absolutely no privacy whatsoever and it is all done under the guise of securing a better life for its citizens. Luckily, the world described in the book hadn’t come… Read more →

Monday’s Motivation

Perception Is Reality This is my first year playing Fantasy Football and I love it. It makes the games more interesting and it makes you really care about the progress of other teams. For years it was all about the Eagles (and it still is) but now I can watch a game featuring a different team and be just as… Read more →

Fucked Up

I speak my mind. A Lot. Sometimes to the point of my own detriment because I have a very cavalier, Fuck You type of demeanor. It doesn’t readily come off though because when people see me they think ‘Oh he looks like a nice person. I can just say whatever I want to him’ Fuck outta here with that bullshit!… Read more →

Monday’s Motivation

Honor and Commitment I get it. We’re busy, BUSY individuals. And things come up all the time. We can’t control every situation, even as hard as we try to. Sometimes Life has the last word. However, one thing that we can control is our word. As I have mentioned before I have five Godchildren. Yes I know. I am the… Read more →

The Arrogance of Youth

There is no other time in our lives more special than our youth. It is when we are at our most pure and in some cases our most beautiful. We haven’t been exposed to many of the joys and ills that life has to offer as we are still experiencing the early part of the journey and forming who we… Read more →


In my next life I want to come back as a pretty, rich white girl named Kitty Von Bitchington. I want to have money thrown at me from the time I’m little up until my parents throw me a huge Sweet Sixteen at Pacha in Ibiza where me and all of my hot and sexy girlfriends can get rich European… Read more →

You Can’t Escape It

Corporate America is the High School of adulthood. And I will tell you why. You have your jocks that frequent the gym and hit on every piece of pussy that comes their way. You have the mean girls who huddle around and gossip about everyone else, including each other. You have the weirdos who say inappropriate things at just the… Read more →

Things Can Change

On October 3 1995 a jury found OJ Simpson Not Guilty in the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman. I went to a racially diverse high school (AKA we were the chocolate chips in the cookie dough) and I remember that classes were canceled due to a pipe bursting in the wee hours before the… Read more →


Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. I’m on each of these sites but I live on Facebook. Even though many will ask “Why you still on Facebook? Twitter is where it’s poppin”. OR “Why you don’t post more pics on Instagram? That’s where it be POPPIN’ poppin’!” I like Facebook because it’s all there in front of you and ready to go. Watch… Read more →