Month: November 2013

Thank Me Now

We all have had our fair share of holiday get togethers. From the huge Easter dinner where everyone is dressed like they’re going to a Cabaret to New Years Eve parties where someone is guaranteed to either fall asleep before midnight or fall down the steps. But those holidays aren’t for a while so let’s focus on the second-most treasured… Read more →

Monday’s Motivation

Greedy Bitches This is a super accelerated work week for me due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Granted, I know that the name Thanksgiving is misleading because I’m sure the American Indians weren’t giving out too many Thanks and well wishes as their land was being pillaged and stolen. If anything this holiday should be called Thanks for Giving Us… Read more →

A Village’s Ashes

I have been struggling with the perfect way to write this. Unfortunately, there is no perfect way to write this because it’s a topic that everyone wants to glaze over. I could be dramatic and tell you that our youth are dying. Literally and Figuratively, but would that really grab your attention? There are so many stories of teenagers killing… Read more →

Monday’s Motivation

Wake Up And Pay Attention Every night before I fall asleep my mind overruns with so many ideas about things that I would like to accomplish. And it’s never anything that’s too far fetched or impossible to achieve. But for some reason as soon as I lie down I’m hit with excess energy that I want to use and after… Read more →

You Are An Obsession

S/N – Pay no mind to all the pictures of Jesse Pinkman. He was requested by today’s Topic commenter Vanessa. Thanks Van 🙂 I can see why you asked me to blog about him. In 1992 my whole 14 year old existence was rocked by a legendary, groundbreaking television show on MTV titled The Real World. The concept was simple;… Read more →

Happy Birthday!

On November 8th 2013 turned TWO YEARS OLD! WooHoo!! It’s a whole walking, talking toddler now. What can you expect from the next year:   More great blog posts Videos Contests with no prizes More Ben (which is what you really want anyway)   Thanks for reading guys. I don’t care if there are two million readers or just… Read more →

Power To The People!

When you invest in something you are saying to yourself ‘I believe in this!’ For example, when you enter a romantic relationship with someone you are saying to that person ‘I believe in us.’ When you have a child your hopes and dreams run wild for them to be the best they can be at whatever they choose because you… Read more →

Monday’s Motivation

The Mirror   When I was 25 I could go out every night, drink like a fish and pop up in the morning ready to attack the day. I believed that this resilience would last for my entire life. However, as this past weekend has proven, that shit is only for a limited time like Endless Shrimp at Red Lobster.… Read more →

Passing The Torch

  If the Entertainment business is the Ho Stroll, then Walt Disney was a bigger pimp than Superfly. Why you ask? Because he’s been turning young girls out for years. Back in the 1950’s there was a young woman by the name of Annette Funicello who was one of the stars of the original Mickey Mouse club. People from my… Read more →