Month: April 2014

Racism. And You.

You know, it tickles me when people say stupid shit like ‘Racism is dead!’ No. The only thing that’s really dead is intelligence and fortitude. Recently, the interwebs have been bursting with anger over LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s insensitive remarks. What makes it even worse is that he made these remarks to his hot, half Mexican/Half black “girlfriend” V.… Read more →

Monday’s Motivation

Keep On Moving Sometimes when I’m thinking of where to draw my motivation from I never have to look any further than my own life experiences. Like earlier today, when the song ‘Keep On Moving’ by Soul II Soul popped into my head. When I was a kid I used to love that song because initially I was drawn in… Read more →

The Knowledge of Acceptance

We spend our lives with the knowledge that some things are a part of us. They’re things that we know we can’t live without like air, free will and the freedom of speech. Then there are some things that we need to give up. Things that we need to understand are only for a brief moment in our lives and… Read more →