Month: July 2014

Monday’s Motivation

Monday’s Motivation is my gift to you for a better outlook on your week. I am not now nor have I ever been a morning or Monday person. But if I can transform the negativity I feel about Monday into something proactive to help you get your week started then I will have contributed to a much more positive energy… Read more →

Ben Robinson

malaysiaairlinesBack in March Malaysia Airlines flight 370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing mysteriously disappeared and has still not been recovered. The Prime Minister, Najib Razak, released a statement in regards to the crash which in turn prompted the airline to inform family members of the 239 ill fated passengers of this new development via text message.

Four months later Malaysia Airlines has suffered yet another unfortunate event with the recent crash of Flight 17 on July 17. The flight was shot down with a surface-to-air missile over the Ukraine by pro-Russian separatists and resulted in the deaths of 298 people. Both the Ukrainian and Russian governments deny any culpability in the disaster even though they both play a major role.

Eerily enough, since Flight 17’s crash last Thursday there have been plane crashes in Taiwan, Burkina Faso and two Ukrainian military jets were shot down on Wednesday, 25 miles south of Flight 17’s crash site.

All of these unfortunate events lead to one very real conclusion:

Malaysia Airlines is done.

There is absolutely no way that they can bounce back from two tragedies of this magnitude, especially when one deals with a whole plane that disappeared with no explanation whatsoever. Tie into that the horrible mismanagement of the families questions and concerns and they already had one foot in the grave. The world wasn’t even really done questioning or mourning the mysterious events that surrounded Flight 370 and then another incident hits the same airline not even six months later. And this one leads to even more questions like why would this flight travel directly above a war zone? Why was there such a lapse in retrieving the bodies from the crash site? Could there be a possible tie in between the disappearance of Fight 370 and the crash of Flight 17 since one was leaving Kuala Lumpur and the other was returning to Kuala Lumpur? True to form, Washington is ready to blame Obama while others wonder why are the Russian-funded rebels facilitating negotiations with Malaysian officials in handing over the bodies of the deceased as well as the black boxes?

The events surrounding these two historical moments of 2014 will continue to unravel, and the drama is sure to escalate as this story is still very much a hot topic amongst many following it. And though no new information can bring back the 537 lives that have been lost hopefully it will bring closure to the families affected by these two very unnecessary tragedies.




Stay In School…Stay Off The Pole.

Education is everything. But this isn’t necessarily a fact you realize when you’re younger and in school because, honestly, school is all you know. Basically, it’s your life. You wake up, you go to school, you go home, do homework, go to sleep and repeat the process the next day.  In essence school is your very first job until you… Read more →

Please Raise Your Children.

Excuse me parents, but raising your children? Yeah, you’re doing it all wrong. There’s an epidemic sweeping the nation called Bad Ass Kids and it’s becoming a staple in our world because we see it every day. Kids cursing on buses. Groups of boys starting fights. Girls dressed like harlots. People, this has to stop. But I can’t stress enough… Read more →