Month: September 2014

Aging Gracefully

I’m 36 now. I never gave much thought about aging until I turned thirty-six though, because now all I hear whenever I tell someone how old I am is Forty. Even when I know I’m saying the word thirty-six to them, I can only hear the word Forty coming out of my mouth. In my mind, I’m already 40. I… Read more →

Always Enjoy Life

Life is a gift that we all acquire the day we are born and we can do with it whatever we wish. Be forewarned, though, that tomorrow is not promised. And time only flows in one direction. I have experienced many things in my thirty-six years. Some things have enriched my life more than others but everything I’ve been through… Read more →

The New America

America. The land of the free and brave. The place other nations look upon with wonder and hope or rage and scorn. There is no other place in the world like it because we take pieces of other civilizations which predate ours and mix them together like a huge pot of gumbo. The University educational systems began in Africa. The… Read more →