Month: November 2014

The Christmas Season

After Halloween, we tend to jump right over Thanksgiving and plow straight into the hype and SPEND SPEND SPEND! mentality that is the Christmas season. I remember just last week walking into a Target that had a Happy Thanksgiving sign hanging from the ceiling right next to a display of a sleigh riding ┬áSanta Claus being led by his famous… Read more →

Prince Is A Pimp

Prince is the man. His music is timeless. His influence is legendary. His movies suck, but who cares! Prince is the mutha fuckin’ MAN! Last Saturday a few friends and I gathered around for a birthday celebration and the theme of the evening, since it was the day after Halloween, was Prince. ┬áThat night we watched, not only the 1984… Read more →

To Your Health!

As I get older I realize the importance of having good health both mentally and physically. Good mental health is imperative for living a fulfilled life, as is being in good physical health. No one wants to live a life that’s dictated by pills and limitations yet many of us have ailments waiting for us that are beyond our control.… Read more →