Month: December 2014


Racism is alive. Fear is real. Love only exists inside materialistic bullshit and which pics online will garner likes, envy and want. Racism is a cancer that’s killing us slowly. It eats from within and makes us view each other through a hopeless scope. We’re reminded of how the richest niggas can rock an expensive gold rope and forgetting about… Read more →

Hot Topics: Music

There is entirely too much going on in the world right now, and sometimes I don’t react to all of the current hot topics as frequently as I should. Call it laziness or whatever, but it’s time for me to at least address some things. I promise I will only touch on these subjects minimally as they’re no longer as interesting as they… Read more →

Being Gay Is A Choice

I am somewhat of an anomaly because I’m a gay dude with a lot of straight friends, both male and female. Sometimes I wonder if I were to leave Philly and had to start over in a different city would the majority of my new friends be straight or gay? And though that thought has entered my mind a few times it… Read more →