Month: January 2015

Nun’ya Business: Secrets Revealed

Last year I introduced you to Allegra Fontaine, a horrible woman. Here’s her backstory: Meet Allegra Fontaine. She’s a beautiful sistah with money to burn and lots of men to fuck. However, deep inside, she’s lonely. And a coke whore. And an alcoholic. And after a heated argument with her married, drug dealing, CEO boyfriend,  her car ran off of… Read more →

The Jamal Lyon Era

I must admit that FOX’s hit TV show “Empire” gives me everything I need on a Wednesday night. After the first three episodes I am completely hooked and ready to see how the family drama unfolds between Lucious and Cookie from Philly. But it’s not just about them because there’s also a supporting cast featuring their three sons, Lucious’ beautiful second… Read more →

The Only Black Women That Matter

Reality TV has devolved into guilty pleasure television, usually at the cost of the characterization of black women. You can choose from many shows that feature a beautiful, loud, big booty black woman who keeps it all the way one hun’ned by cursing you out, beating you down and doing all the things that most women in general deem as… Read more →

My Empire Review

Last night FOX aired their highly anticipated television show Empire (Wednesday’s 9pm) starring Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard. The show centers around Lucious Lyon (Howard), a media mogul who began his career as a rapper with a hardcore background from his days hustling in Philly. The show begins with Lucious set to take his company, Empire Records, public on the stock… Read more →

Happy New Year 2015

When I think about the infinite possibilities of 2015 and how I can make it 100% better than 2014 it puts a smile on my face. Because that’s when I realize that at this moment in my life, in January of a brand new year, I can do whatever I want to move forward with a different outlook. Change will be easy… Read more →