Month: May 2015

American Idol’s Curtain Call

FOX has finally decided to pull the plug on their long-standing reality music competition American Idol. I’m not even doing a slow clap for this one, I’m standing on top of the chair, whistling and doing the Arsenio Hall fist pumpĀ for this one. Because they should have cancelled that show years ago. But first, before I get into my theories… Read more →

Reality Show Relationships

Relationships are hard work. In order for them to be successful couples need to take into consideration each others feelings, likes, dislikes and triggers. There should be honesty and communication. Laughter and fights. Passion and building. It’s a partnership and should be treated like something you want to invest in. But overall the one thing it needs the most for… Read more →

Baltimore: Justice…..

Today Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby officially ruled Freddie Gray’s death a homicide. Charges have been brought up against the six police officers who are being held responsible for Mr. Gray’s death. They are:   Officer Caesar R. Goodson, Jr. Officer William G. Porter Lt. Brian W. Rice Officer Edward M. Nero Officer Garrett E. Miller Sgt. Alicia D.… Read more →