Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.

I’m on each of these sites but I live on Facebook. Even though many will ask “Why you still on Facebook? Twitter is where it’s poppin”. OR “Why you don’t post more pics on Instagram? That’s where it be POPPIN’ poppin’!”

I like Facebook because it’s all there in front of you and ready to go.

Watch a funny video?

Hit the Like button.

Inspirational Quotes?

Hit the Like button.

Half nekkid dude with a fat ass?

Like, Like, LIKE!

That shit is simple and quick. And highly entertaining because people post shit on there all damn day. And when I say all day I mean all day.

Some people post things like “I woke up with God this morning. Pray you all have a good day” and an hour later “This bitch at work ’bout get the shit slapped outta her!”

Second on my list is Instagram. I love taking pictures and Instagram is a perfect way for me to tell stories through photographs. Another cool thing about Instagram is when people post inspirational messages over pictures.

It’s like Photoshop for Facebook.

Finally there’s Twitter. I know that it is a ridiculously monstrous tool for self marketing if you’re a celebrity or if you have a certain brand. Or if you’re in high school. But other than that I don’t see the functionality for it. Especially if you have nothing going on in your life at the moment.Take me for instance. I’m at work right now typing this post. If I go onto Facebook I can update my status “I’m at work bored as hell 🙁 ”

If I go on Instagram I have to update it like this:

#comeonFRIDAY #weekendflow #VodkaTime @BrokeDrunk You feel me???? Who got the first round???

Now Twitter is a bit different. Because at least on Facebook and Instagram my friends and followers will immediately see my shit. And they don’t have to do too much to see it because if they scroll down looking at other people’s pics they will eventually come across mine.

Not so much on Twitter.

I don’t want to direct message anyone telling them I’m bored because since I’m not a celebrity, who cares? I’m just the bored loser at work tweeting some shit that no one cares about.

I could garner some more attention by tweeting #BORED I’m at work ready to go home and get #TURNTUP @BrokeDrunk

If @BrokeDrunk is my only follower and he’s not following ANYONE besides me then I may get a response. Otherwise my message will get drowned out in a sea of millons of other messages vying for the attention of the public.

So here’s the breakdown. There is an opportunity for your voice to be heard in the online world. There are an abundance of vehicles at your disposal, but of the aforementioned three take into consideration that:


twitter_icon4Twitter is like a baby or little kid. If you neglect it for too long it will surely die or get taken by Child Protective Services (aka Hackers). Granted, Twitter can be rewarding but it requires too much damn attention.

texting_studentsfb_icon_325x325Facebook is like a teenager. It’s there functioning all by itself but every now and again you have to check up on it to see what’s going on. Sometimes it’s things you wanna know, sometimes it’s shit you wish you never saw.

young-adults-texting-mdunnamedInstagram is grown and sexy. It doesn’t need you but enjoys your company from time to time because either way it has plenty of suitors.

Social Networking is a powerful tool and a fantastic way to stay connected with people.

But don’t be fooled. All this shit is just a pretty form of procrastination.

I’m into all of it. But I know that I’m guaranteed to see something I’ll love on Facebook so of the three it’s my number one killer of time.

Because that’s all Social Networking is, a huge ass waste of time. However so is barhopping and I’ve been doing that for years so fuck it!

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  2 comments for “Abundance

  1. latiya
    October 2, 2013 at 1:57 pm

    Do I get a byline for my assistance with this thought!! LOL
    I love how you so eloquently explained all three. Kudos my friend

    • October 3, 2013 at 10:52 am

      Thank Ya Thank Ya. And Thanks for the idea.

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