The New America


America. The land of the free and brave. The place other nations look upon with wonder and hope or rage and scorn. There is no other place in the world like it because we take pieces of other civilizations which predate ours and mix them together like a huge pot of gumbo.

The University educational systems began in Africa. The standards of beauty we still hold true to this day come from Europe. And both our love for technology and strict religious beliefs originated in the vast continent of Asia.

But there is a change taking place in our society right now. We demand things to be better, faster and more accessible than the day before. We crave the acceptance of our peers and reject individuality. We hope to achieve maximum success through minimal effort, sometimes in emulation of talentless celebrities that provide nothing of substance to the world other than beauty and style wrapped in an empty, vapid package.

People are slowly devolving.

Common sense, courtesy and concern are the three C’s of life which are being replaced by callousness, conceit and confusion.

Somewhere down the line, as our devices have gotten smarter, we as a human race are losing our intelligence. Our integrity is slipping into an immobile state of complacency where we are reverting to a primitive way of thinking.

Discussions that facilitate thought and discourse are now chopped down into abbreviated communication revolving around 140 characters and symbols (OMG, @, # etc).

People would rather communicate via text message and social media as opposed to picking up a phone and hearing another human voice.

And although I do enjoy many of the technological advances of the past decade I wonder how much more disconnected will we become as a society within the next five years. Or even scarier, the next ten years. Especially when you take into account some of the recent news stories of technology leading to negative instances of violence, crime and sometimes even death.

Those stories serve as proof that this angry, apathetic, narcissistic existence is killing us. It’s taking away the one thing that differentiates us from the technology we love so much;

Our humanity.

Humanity is the one thing we all have in common. But we let class, race, sexual orientation, religion, age and a multitude of other factors hinder us from becoming a more unified society. And now with our reliance on technology we’re diving deeper into separation. I won’t blame everything on technology because for all of its shortcomings (primarily at the hands of the humans abusing it) it is also a ferocious component of our daily lives that cannot be ignored. But even though it makes life easier we can never forget that before all of this wonderful technology there was human kindness and  compassion. And there can never be a substitute for that.


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