And How Have You Been?

Greetings! What’s been going on family?

Let me start by telling you I have been constantly plotting on new ways to get my writing out and am very pleased with the strides I’ve been making. As a reminder, I self published two books last year (if you’ve not read them then by all means download them here and here). I began writing for one of my favorite websites DListed and I must say I’ve put out some pretty funny shit. I even learned a very valuable lesson from my time working with DListed – never read the comment section! I’ll expound on that in another post. Also, I’ve been entering short story contests in hopes of generating some more cash exposure. I am currently writing the second part to the Shane’s Story trilogy AND I will also be performing in my second play this fall.

Go Me!

All in all I’m moving forward and yet I still sometimes feel like I’ve not moved an inch at all. However, I believe that’s just the nature of our lives in general. Well, perhaps that’s the nature of those who don’t take into account all of the strides they’ve made towards achieving their biggest goals. I’ve come a long way and have to take the time to congratulate myself for what I’ve accomplished and not ponder so heavily on the things that I haven’t achieved yet. Because everything I want I will get once I go after it. Most people who want something bad enough will stop at nothing until they’ve achieved it, and that power of fortitude and resilience lies within each and every one of us. We all have everything we need inside of us to get what we want. And sometimes in the midst of all of our accomplishments we lose sight of that.

And then other times we don’t make a big deal about the things we’ve accomplished because we don’t want to come across as bragging. Fuck that! Brag! Especially now when our world is so full of negativity, give yourself a damn pat on the back! Because as sure as there will be people that want to help you and cheer you on there will be a number of people praying for your downfall and resist helping you move forward.

Even with that knowledge, move forward anyway.

I am reminded today on what would have been my aunt’s 72nd birthday the words she used to always say;

“Fuck you and the horse you rode in on!”

I know, it comes across a little harsh, but who cares? It’s the truth. Nobody is going to give you anything in this world. Nobody is going to care about the obstacles you have to face if you’re not willing to face them without complaining. Nobody but you can make your situation better. And whether it’s an ant hill you must simply step over or a mountain you must climb it will forever remain your mountain and your hill. If you do the right things you’ll come across the right people. Hell, you’re gonna come across the wrong people as well. But don’t let that stop you from going after what’s yours. Use every experience as a lesson. Find ways to create better opportunities from the lessons you’ve learned. Then be amazed by the things you can accomplish once you stay focused and just do it.

One last thing. My aunt didn’t take any shit and neither should you. And you should never settle for a life that’s less than if there’s a possibility for you to have, and become, better.

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