Hello my people!
Please forgive me for not being as vocal as I have been in the past. But the truth is that I’ve just been so damn jaded with the rapid deterioration of our nation that I had to step away. I have long term Trump’s Disease and the shit feels terminal, even if the diagnosis reassures me that it won’t last longer than four years. Still, it’s an annoyance to say the least.

Soooo….what’s the worse part of Trump’s Disease? Is it the constant deep sighs? Or maybe it’s the pain from sore eyes that have been rolled more times than tortillas at Chipotle?¬†Perhaps it’s the constant laughter from making fun of The Deplorables misfortune every time they realize “Ooops, I think we fucked up!” Perhaps it comes from the pain in my ears from having to cover them and scream “LALALALALALA” as to avoid hearing another story about Donald J(ackass) Trump. Maybe my poor vision is caused from having to look at Sean Spicer’s pervy Coach-Dad face or Kellyanne Conway’s dollar store mop hair. In any case I’m back now. As the world (America primarily) continues to feel the flames from it’s own disintegration my jaded heart will remain watchful. Will I do the videos again? Oh, but of course! Because I realized¬†that this is all history. We are all strapped into this roller coaster and must ride this scary mutha fucka together until we get to the end and get off. Hopefully we all make it out alive. Hopefully we all make it out stronger and better suited for what’s to come afterwards. But in the meantime we have to remember that life doesn’t stop no matter how jaded or disenfranchised we feel. It stops when we forget the power of our voices.

That’s really all I have to say. For now.

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