Baltimore Riots. The Youth.

Police move a protester back, Monday, April 27, 2015, following the funeral of Freddie Gray in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

This one’s for all my young brothas and sistah’s out there in light of the Baltimore riots. We all feel it. The struggle is real. What you feel is valid. And we keep marching on.



This skin is not my prison

How dare you condemn me to life behind the bars of the scars from your arrested development?

You’d rather have me arrested in chains than celebrating the achievements of my brain

You see me as pain personified

Apparently I matter less

To you

I confess the blessing of this skin is only ugly

To you

Who gives a fuck when breath pops like bubbles ’cause a pop from a gun busts dreams?

Who gives a fuck when I’m stone faced on the outside but inside all I can do is scream

Who gives a fuck?

I do

Because I see it

I feel it

Like a movie I wish they’d yell cut on this scene

Because in between the beatings and murders of my brothas lies the constant cries of fathers and mothers

Black lives are in descent

Because they don’t feel that our lives are decent enough to trust us with the same degree of pedigree they see in the evil empire that governs us

They still believe the lie of fear they placed upon us when our red blood spilled from the tightness of their shackles

Tackled and tossed our bodies into the deep blue ocean during the passage like damaged packages

Whipped us into submission crying white tears from white fears for years we tried to catch our breath as everyday we faced the white light of death

Slaves from ashes to ashes

They think we’re still slaves because we’ve become slaves to fashion and trappin’

Wondering how the fuck could something like this happen?

Because who gives a fuck when you’re not lucky enough to turn a blind eye to the blight

And who gives a fuck when your sleep is interrupted by gunshots in the night

And who gives a fuck when the names pile on higher and higher with each passing day ‘til you just wanna holler


Is it the American way to fear cops or just the African American way?

Because either way, aren’t they supposed to serve and protect?

And when they get paid do the words Police Officer or Assassin appear on their check?

Respectfully, I digress, not all cops are that messy

But the ones who are scare me

They’ve got tons of guns and the law on their side

And after they kill us they’re paid to go run and hide

It’s called suspension with pay

This is why we cannot stay docile and dormant while our sons and daughters are tormented by the ignorance of racism





Misplaced Geography

Why must you call where we live war zones when to win a war we need the proper tools?

But who gives a fuck about our schools when our kids are crying for help because they need to learn?

You only give a fuck when the anger erupts and in unison we scream “LET IT BURN!”

To the ground

Let the ashes reign down like tears from the Heavens to awaken us to the question;

What will we do now?


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