Changing of the Seasons

As we age the seasons change.

We go from one point in our lives to another.

There’s a lot going on in our world right now, much that I haven’t really come here to discuss because it’s all the same stuff I have been discussing for years.

Hatred wears a white face cloaked in blue clothes with red crosshairs in its eyes aimed at black folks.

The black experience is still just as important as it ever has been. However with the impending election upon us the reportage pushes us further away from unity. Patriots believe that any protest against the national anthem is a slap to the face yet they turn a blind eye to the injustice that brings out the need for demonstrations of frustration.

Meanwhile, the violence within the African American community (which is a completely separate issue) continues to rise as pistols replace fists packing punches of destruction.

You can’t trust anyone anymore, so it seems.

As people, we are just like the seasons.

Steadily transitioning from one state of nature to the next. Evolving, growing, becoming more aware of the things around us and inside of us.

No longer being able to not see what is right in front of our faces.

And then be reminded that house niggas still loom in the background loving on Massah

Needing Massah’s words of encouragement to continue the intoxicating fragrance of the illusion of inclusion

Where are we now?

What are we doing?

Where are we going?

I love life and this country that gives me the freedom to speak my words to a certain extent because I’m dangerous

with a gun or with a book

In the eyes of the others I’m just a crook

Crooked shifty low down gritty grimy no time to build just to destroy

I have no value

This is what they teach little black boys and girls

Or so they think

Because this new generation is listening beyond the vapid trappin’ imbeciles and candy coated whores adorned in long weaves snapping and throwing drinks

Your trap beats won’t defeat intelligence because the party shuts down once our brothers get cut down by words and bullets

From us

From You

For nobody but us

You continue to keep us in chains within your own minds

You’re zombies to your own ignorance

We are the original kings and queens

We tried to teach you couth and class and as our repayment you trash us internationally

Got people in other countries calling us niggas too

Got our minds poisoned to where people in this country that aren’t black think calling each other nigga is cool

Something is terribly wrong with this broken system of police who are trained to shoot anything dark

But protect the light of white and the lie that they can’t be denied the right to be treated human

We must be beasts

Inhumane treatment for the less than human dark shadows of the past

Yet the irony is the chains you put on us are the chains that keep you shackled in arrested development

Your entitlement is a pillow you lay your empty head on at night

You’re the kids who get trophies just for showing up and it’s spoiled you rotten

To the core




I don’t know where any of this came from. I just started writing and this is what came out.



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