003_yin-yang-lrg-2What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”

Ecclesiastes 9:1

I never realized that these words came from the Bible but you know what, it makes absolute sense. Because a quote so timeless could only come from one of the oldest books in the history of the world.

Every aspect of our lives is a rehashing of things we’ve done before, people we’ve met before, places we’ve gone before. I recognized this today while at work. As I entered a somewhat crowded elevator I was followed by two of the company’s high ranking executives, one male and one female. The two of them engaged in light banter, the contents of which I paid no attention to. After the female exec exited on her floor a lady that was on the elevator with us found some way of using whatever the two execs were talking about to make conversation with him. It reminded me of those thirsty, desperate girls in the club who will do whatever they can to land a baller for the evening by any means necessary.

The incident this morning also reminded me of the time I was on the elevator and the CEO of the company got on with his entourage of Yes Men(and Women, because ass kissers come in both genders). It was during lunchtime and we were all on the top floor on our way down, so the elevators were stopping frequently. The CEO turned to his entourage, flashed his award winning smile and joked ‘I wonder how many times the elevator will stop.’

Of course they all giggled like little girls and threw out numbers just for his amusement, and that’s when your man Ben looked at them all and said ‘Six’

You should have seen the Yes Men. They gave me a look like ‘BLASPHEMY!!!! How dare you speak to our King! Back to the auction block with you!”

Six stops later, after we finally landed on the ground floor and the CEO flashed his award winning smile in my direction the Yes Men looked over at me like ‘Yeah, good job! That was awesome!’

Can you relate to a situation like this? Of course you can. Because everything in life is cyclical. There’s nothing new going on in the world, or in this life. The elevator situation reminded me of high school. The CEO is the popular kid, the Yes Men are the people who want to be like the popular kid and I played the role of the nerdy kid who didn’t have to do anything to get his attention, much to the disgust (and eventual adulation) of his admirers.

That basically sums up corporate America. You’re either sitting at the table with the Cool Kids or you’re making your own way at one of the Other Tables.

Honestly, that basically sums up a lot of social situations. Because what more is life than a succession of social interactions and the way we condition ourselves to react to situations? Even if you’re faced with something you’ve never been through before you can always turn to someone who has been through something similar for guidance.

The moral is to always learn from everything you’ve been through. Learn from the people you meet that make you feel good, and the ones who make you feel bad. Because at some time in your life you’ll encounter a similar situation or person that will bring on a hint of deja vu. Be prepared my friends.




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