Empire Re-Cap: Chimes At Midnight

Empire Season 3 Episode 6: Chimes At Midnight

Season 3 has been pretty good so far. And with no episode next week and only three before the winter break I can’t see the momentum slowing up any time soon.

This one’s gonna be a bit short so please excuse the brevity.

And if you need last week’s recap it’s here.

A Game of Whodunit?


At the beginning of the episode Angelo stops by to pick Cookie up before a morning political rally, but he’s called away before Cookie has a chance to get dressed and leave with him. Before he leaves, though, Cookie sends a very x rated photo of her “special” cookies to his phone. Just then Tiana’s super boring ‘Me’ single blares from Cookie’s phone as she continues to get ready. Meanwhile over at Empire Jamal and closet boo D(L) Major are in the studio preparing another one of his sad ass, wrist cutting tracks when they’re interrupted by Tiana’s horrible song blasting from Jamal’s tablet. The same thing happens over at Luscious’ House of Horrors (btw, where the hell is Gran’mom Mary???) when he plays a lullaby for Bella and his electronic device is compromised by Tiana’s song as well.

You know why??


Immediately Lucious goes into panic mode. Andre hires a tech geek to find out exactly what’s going on, and of course Lucious threatens to kill the tech geek if he doesn’t have it handled by the end of the day because Lucious is the king of “Fuck you! Do what I say!”

After the tech geek runs off to do his job Lucious, while getting his hair fried like a 1950’s Kansas City pimp, begins tossing a few names around with Dre in an attempt to discover who’s behind the hack.

First, they accuse Vaughan Cooper (French Montana) and call him into their office. After he denies his involvement, they have to now think of another suspect.

A bit later, the board of Empire sits around in conference room J discussing the hack and what the next steps are. During this impromptu board meeting Cookie is called away to discuss an incident with Tiana, who is being dragged all over social media by her former boyfriend Gram (Romeo Miller). To add insult to injury, her single ‘Me’ is a disaster that nobody likes. Cookie tries to soothe her wounded pride while Becky with the good hair sits in her finest House of Dereon Lemonade collection dress trying not to say “Bitch I told you so”. Suddenly Lucious bursts into the studio, asking for everyone to come to the lobby.

Empire’s security team are replacing all of the employees old cell phones with new ones, just when Tariq comes in with his team of cops to investigate the hack, which could potentially lead to more incriminating evidence against Lucious (and by the end of the episode it does as Tariq comes across a financial transaction between Lucious and some mysterious characters around the time of Frank Gathers’ death). Just as the tension can’t get any higher the hackers reveal the sexy pic Cookie sent Angelo at the beginning of the episode.

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-9-48-55-am screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-9-48-54-am


Cookie’s Nookie is on display for err’body. And she becomes so embarrassed that she breaks it off with Angelo because she doesn’t want anything to jeopardize his mayoral run.

Lucious and Dre’ reconvene to accuse a new suspect; Shine! However, Shine immediately lets them know that internet thuggery is not his forte’ so they’re back to square one. Just then, tech geek comes back to inform them about a keylogger they found in studio 6, the same studio Tiana has been recording in for months.

Lucious approaches Tiana and asks who has been in the studio with her recently, and one of the names she mentions sparks interest.

Her ex-boyfreind Gram.

Next thing you know Lucious and Dre’ are at Gram’s apartment. He denies his involvement but Dre’ brings up his computer screen with all of the evidence. Just then, Shine comes in with his team of goons and they light fire to his ass.

Crisis over!

FOR THEM at least.

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-10-14-49-amBack at his apartment Mally is feeling sad (as usual) because his music career sucks and he misses his pain pills. He calls his PTSD counselor Philip and gets no answer. Then he calls D Major and asks him to come over right before he pops a few pills and drinks some scotch. Moments later this bitch is full of more energy than Speedy Gonzalez bouncing off the walls and revealing his future musical ambitions with D. Then they kiss, which I’m sure all the straight people still hate to see but if you don’t want to see gay shit don’t watch Empire.

After their tender lovemaking D tries to wake him up, but Phyllis Lyon has slipped into a booze and pill overdose. Or so it seems. D calls Phillip and asks him to come over. After he arrives and finds a pulse Phillip whisks Mally into the shower, turns on the cold water and he finally snaps out of his blackout.

Back over at Leviticus Lucious throws a party for his employees, with one of the board members heralding Dre’ for finding out what was going on with the hack. They name him the president of Empire XStream. Moments later Keem and Nessa perform their new song, where the hook goes ‘I don’t want nobody else but you’. And it’s true! Because Nessa don’t want nobody else but Dre, and she sang to him the entire time. It’s now evident that Keem ain’t NEVER gettin’ them drawls! (RIP TOMMY!!!)

At the end of the episode Dre takes Nessa to a secret location where it’s finally revealed that he, along with Vaughan’s assistance, was the mastermind behind the data hack at Empire. He tells Nessa that he’s about to become a gangster and she doesn’t run. The two of them are about to become the new  Lucious and Cookie.


OK. We get a break until after Thanksgiving and I think we all need it. Have a great holiday everyone!



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