Empire Re-Cap: Death Will Have His Day

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Empire Season 2 Episode 11: Death Will Have His Day

It’s Time!

After what felt like forever Empire has returned to answer all of our questions and give us the life we’ve been missing on Wednesday Nights!

If you need to take a journey to the past and catch up read the re-cap for the winter finale Et Tu Brute?

If you DON’T need the re-cap, let’s jump right into it.

Rhonda’s Life Alert Commercial

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When last we left, Rhonda was lying at the bottom of the stairs lifeless, and everyone thought she was dead.


And we’re treated to a shadowy figure walking away, rockin’ a pair of red bottoms. Who is the mystery figure? Is it Anika? If not, then who?

While Rhonda clings for life at home CrazySexyCool Dre’ and lawyer Thirsty (Andre Royo) try to coax Lucious out of his office after he was thrown out by MiMi Whiteman’s (aka LesVillain) “wife” Camilla (Naomi Campbell) and his wayward son Hakeem. Lucious is not the one, and much like the Jennifers Holiday and Hudson he’s staying…he’s stayyyying

Until Camilla calls the cops. But even then Lucious refuses to move. Until Becky (Gabbie Sidibe) runs in to inform him of Rhonda’s accident.

The Lyon’s all reunite at the hospital to support Dre’, and he doesn’t take the news very well. We learn that the baby didn’t survive and while he’s saddened by the loss of his son Rhonda’s disappointment causes her to question God’s existence.

Later in the episode, after Dre’ and Rhonda return home from the hospital Rhonda attempts to climb the same stairs she fell down, but doesn’t even make it halfway up before collapsing. She’s beside herself because she still can’t believe that she slipped and fell down the stairs until she has a flashback and begins to wonder.

‘Did I fall…or was I pushed?’

Cougar Clapback Records

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Camilla is back with her long tentacle weave and cougar claws all up in Hakeem’s ego, trying to make him the new CEO of Empire. But first, she tells Hakeem that he needs to ditch his ‘Mexican Girlfriend’ Laura (so racist, but funny). Cookie, on two different occasions, tries to sway Hakeem away from doing Camilla’s bidding because she wants her family to be united (even though they’ve never been united throughout the whole show, but whatever. Keep Hope Alive sistah).

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Cookie’s first attempt is thrown at Camilla when she offers to sell Lyon Dynasty to Empire, also throwing Hakeem in the mix for $20 million because, technically, Lyon Dynasty still owns Hakeem as an artist. Camilla scoffs and immediately throws Cookie a quick “Bye Bitch”. Later, Cookie, Jamal and Dre’ all come back with a better offer, this time reminding Camilla and Hakeem that Jamal’s newest album release is a hot commodity that could be released on either Empire or Lyon Dynasty. When Camilla threatens to sue and bring her legal team in Mally claps back with ‘Bitch we’ll just release it online then!’

This time Keem, wearing his finest from the Pee Wee Herman Androgyny Collection , sides with his family and chooses them over CougarMilla.

Another thing he chose over CougarMilla is Laura, who Hakeem realizes he can’t live without and finally blesses her with the legendary Lyon dick, all while under the watchful eye of Jesus on the cross.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 12.19.56 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-31 at 12.20.18 PM

I’m guessing it’s because Easter was last week, but it’s really because Hakeem does in fact perform miracles.

Lucious Corleone

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Still angered from all the betrayal and reeling from the death of his grandson, Lucious puts out the Lyon Signal for his thugs and roughnecks. He refuses to be ousted from the company he founded and will stop at nothing at protecting what’s his. His plan? Scare the shit out of the board members as a message to not try and take his position as CEO, lest they want to rumble with the Lyon. In a red lit room he tells his goons ‘Go fuck everyone up!’ And they do so in various ways, all while Lucious plays an eerie piano solo that reminded me of the movie Creepshow.

His plan worked perfectly because nobody contested his spot.

Except Hakeem. Because he ain’t scurred of no damn Lucious!

Well, he should be, because Lucious is crazy and messy.

Need proof?

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At the end of the episode 1) Lucious calls Hakeem to meet him at the same spot where Bunky died. 2) TELLS HAKEEM THAT HE KILLED BUNKY. And then (like that’s not bad enough) 3) gives Hakeem a gun and tells him to pull the trigger. Not once, but twice. Giving Keem the option to shoot Lucious in the front or with his back turned.

Keem refuses to pull the trigger, walking away and leaving Lucious boiling with more rage.

You know Lucious is gonna act a whole fool for the rest of the season right?


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– I’m not sure if Anika pushed Rhonda or not, but her showing up at the hospital is either solidifying her character as a true villainous asshole or she went there to make herself feel good by screaming in her head ‘Your baby’s dead bitch, But mine isn’t!! I’m ’bout to own EVERYTHING!!!’

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.27.53 AMScreen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.27.56 AM

– When Cookie was waiting for Hakeem with that broom I hollered. After it broke and she started beating him with anything she could get her hands on I died. But when he showed up at the hospital in the next scene with no bruises I rolled my eyes so hard they got stuck for five minutes.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 11.12.52 AMScreen Shot 2016-03-31 at 12.00.46 PM

– Slay’omi Campbell is giving Cookie a run for her money in this episode.

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– Becky was serving up Blueberry Lemonade realness with her one line last night. More Becky please. How could she not be included in this crazy ass episode?

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– Mally basically told America last night ‘Yeah I’m gay, but a little bit of pussy never hurt nobody.’ If that made no sense to you you’re not alone. But still I agree. Fuck whoever you want! As long as you’re safe and responsible it’s nobody’s business but your own.

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– I was surprised to see Mirage a Trois rehearsing last night because I had completely forgot they were a group. Then, just as quickly as they were together they were disbanded. Once again, the #ByeBitch storytelling in full effect!

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– No matter what the Lyon’s go through they always have each other’s backs. Now, that really doesn’t mean shit because next week they’ll probably hate each other again so I guess this really isn’t a highlight at all.

I forgot how much I missed these re-caps. See y’all next week.

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