Empire Re-Cap: Et Tu Brute?

Empire Season 2 Episode 10: Et Tu Brute?


If you need to catch up check out last week’s review for Sinned Against.

The Winter Finale came through like a high speed train that jumped the rails and destroyed a few houses.

For a show that clearly lost its way in the beginning Empire brought buckets of drama and crazy with last night’s episode, and I was more than happy to watch it all unfold. Though some parts were a bit predictable, there were also some scenes I clearly wasn’t ready for.

Et Tu Brute?

The American Sound Awards (ASA’s) were announced and it felt like a week long event that stretched out over the course of an hour. Mally was nominated for his first award and as he and his new boo Skye Summers (Alicia Keys) hugged in celebration Lucious crept out of the corner like the snake he is. Noticing their intimate interaction and picking up on Skye’s use of the word ‘babe’ he asks Mally “Are you hitting that?”

Jamal replies “Yeah but I’m still gay so don’t get weird?”

Oh, it’s already weird brotha. And it only gets weirder after the two of them perform a duet of the song ‘Powerful’ during an ASA party thrown by none other than Charlamagne of The Breakfast Club. He launches into an attack that questions both Skye’s public image and Jamal’s integrity. That scene was messier than a baby’s diaper. Later, after Twitter added its two cents to the situation, Skye had the nerve to ask Mally “Why didn’t you defend me?”

Uh, because you’re not his man that’s why.

Clearly Skye didn’t get the memo that gay sex doesn’t involve pussy unless there are lesbians around.

By the end of the episode the two of them decide to part ways, but not before Skye tells Mally that what they had was beautiful.

Back at Empire, everyone’s favorite special guest star LesVillain is back in town to tie up all of the loose ends with Lucious and their SwiftStream deal. After Lucious brags to LesVillain in confidence about how much he runs shit and could care less about his board members (all while she’s secretly recording him with crafty secretive devices because she’s LESVILLAIN!!) she informs him that her wife will be flying in to join them from Milan for the SwiftStream announcement.

I guess that means no more tear-filled threesomes for them.

GOOD! That shit was creepy as hell.

So what’s up with the Cookie Monster?

She’s back at Halfway House Entertainment (aka Lyon Dynasty) getting ready to put on a show for the inmates at her former home of seventeen years; prison. The showcase is a favor she promised her friend Pepper (Rosie O’Donnell) as Thanks for helping locate her sister Carol in Philly last week. Cookie asks Hakeem to perform and although he’s reluctant to go at first the show turns out to be a huge success. Hakeem, along with Laura, perform their song ‘Miracles’, the one where Laura chimes in during the chorus ‘you perform miracles’.

In this case, since he wasn’t attacked and raped by a bunch of horny cellmates that haven’t seen dick in ages, I’m gong to believe that Hakeem does in fact perform miracles.

While all of this musical fuckery is taking place Rhonda, dressed in her finest pilgrim hooker attire, is still meeting up with Anika for tea and bad decisions. Now, I’m not sure exactly when the two of them got so close but I’ma have to pull out some ol’ Oda Mae Brown wisdom for this situation.



Back to Lucious and LesVillain.

During the SwiftStream announcement MiMi decides that it’s time to introduce her lady love to the world. And I’m sure everyone had an idea about what LesVillain’s wife would look like.

Though I doubt if anyone thought it would be Camilla.


Yes that’s right THE Camilla (Naomi Campbell), the same one who broke Hakeem’s heart when she disappeared last season.

Well now through some true, grimy, cutthroat business tactics LesVillain and Camilla have united to take Lucious out of the picture.

But first Camilla visits Hakeem to let him know that Mama’s back in town and ready to reclaim the spot that KrayKray Kitty and Laura could never fill.

(S/N: After Camilla arrived you don’t see Laura anymore in this episode, making her the latest victim of Empire’s #ByeBitch storytelling. Guess Mirage a Trois is now Unem Ploy Ed)

During an ambush at an Empire board meeting LesVillain plays back Lucious’ braggadocios ranting and calls for his removal. But there has to be a unanimous vote to get Lucious out, and of course Jamal and Andre’ won’t vote their father out.


This is when the true nature of Camilla’s visit to Hakeem is revealed. It serves as the final nail in the coffin for Lucious’s reign as the Lyon king and she’s basically there to capitalize on all of this bad blood between Hakeem and Lucious. Hakeem is the vote that sends Lucious packing from his own company.


He does not take it well.

Knowing that he’s been deposed by his youngest son proves hurtful for Lucious. And for the first time in a while Terrence Howard reminds us that he does in fact know how to act.

The scene is kinda hard to watch because Lucious is always so strong and evil. But seeing Cookie swoop in to console him in his time of need just proves one thing that you can always rely on with this show.;

They’re gonna fuck again at some point.

Finally, as the finale drew to a close Rhonda goes to shut off her alarm system, which had been acting up earlier, during the middle of the night. Just as she’s about to go back to bed she is violently pushed down the spiraling marble staircase and lands belly first on the landing at the bottom.

So who pushed Rhonda?????

My money’s on KrayKray Kitty because who else would have motive to do that?

Unfortunately, we’ve got a long wait until March to find out what will happen to the deliciously dysfunctional light skinned Lyons.

Last night’s episode was pretty damn good. I have hope for the show once again.




Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 9.26.17 AMI hope during the winter break Gabbie Sidibe tasers and pepper sprays whoever dresses her on set. Last night’s Shop Rite pink icing dress made me hungry for cupcakes. Please treat her better next year because she is an Academy Award nominated actress and deserves so much better.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 11.33.04 AM

Last night Tiana has never looked more like Rihanna than she did singing that song. She even did a mini twerk and said ‘Cake,Cake,Cake,Cake’. Bitch better have Rihanna’s money when she ultimately sue, sue,sue, sues her ass for copyright infringement.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 11.08.13 AM

After Jamal informs Lucious that he and Skye had sex Lucious replies with “She fixed you.” I loved and hated this part because many people think that straight sex cures homosexuality. NOPE! That’s not how this works however there are plenty of people who think that way so the line held true to Lucious’ character.


Cookie spit in Camilla’s face. I wonder how hard it was for Naomi Campbell to not pick Tarjai’s little ass up and throw her through that glass window. Yet another miracle performed by Keem Jesus.


I loved the setup for Jamal’s Pepsi commercial. I also love the mounting tension in the last scene where the audience finds out that Lucious and Jamal are nominated against each other for an ASA. Lastly, knowing that Lucious and Hakeem’s relationship is dead and the only reason Lucious and CrazySexyCool Dre are getting tighter is because of the baby (that may not have survived the fall) is an indication that the second half of the season has to be a million times better than the first half.

Until March ya’ll!



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