Everyone’s Pain

ImageLadies and Gentlemen (and I use those terms loosely)

I’m a whore.

A big, ‘I will do whatever you want me to do’ whore….

For the Weekend.

It is absolutely my favorite time of the week. On Friday, I’m at work until about 4, then I run out into the world to get the party started. I never know what Friday is going to bring but whatever it is I know that there will be fun, fun fun on the horizon. Saturday is a bit different. I know that I can either run around all day and take care of the things that I couldn’t do during the week


I can stay in the crib with my Xbox and do a whole bunch of nothing


I can do a combination of both where I spend the first half of my day in the crib and then go out later on with a few friends.

Then Sunday comes around.

Sunday is like that friend you see only once in a while and you know that they have to leave soon. Even though you could be having a great time with them you understand that they’ve got shit to do, and you don’t have any choice but to let them go.

And then here comes Monday.


Monday’s like a super villain. You’ve got to fight this bitch every week in order to save your sanity and reclaim the prize that is The Weekend. Hell, even when I have Monday off it fucks up the rest of my week because starting your workweek on a Tuesday is the worse.

But here it is, another Monday. Another start to waking up at 6 in the morning for 5 days straight. Another series of ‘God Dammit!’ moments when I’m already on the train and I just remembered that I didn’t take anything out for dinner. I specifically hate the Monday after I get paid because that’s the moment I realize ‘I’m not getting another check for eleven days!’ The first day after the weekend that makes it so hard to even get out the bed, especially when you spend your weekend doing so many things.

I realize that Monday is the day that has to be overcome in order for the week to progress, but it has always been one of the hardest days for me because I’m not a morning person.

And when I don’t get enough sleep, just like last night, i become an irritable, dejected mess.

I have no fucks to give anyone. It takes my brain a little longer to communicate with people in a way that conveys ‘God I Hate Monday’ instead of ‘God I Hate You….And it’s Monday’

And I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Plenty of people aren’t friends or fans of Lunes (even in Spanish it sounds awful. Lunes huh? You’d have to be Loon-nay to love Monday)

It should come as no surprise that I’m typing this up on a Monday. This post serves no purpose other than to admit to you all that I love Life. I’m a whore for The Weekend but once it’s gone I become Monday’s bitch.

And I don’t think it’ll ever change :(

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