F#ck It!!

ImageEarlier this week I was spazzing about how I’m completely broke until next Friday.

And believe me, on Monday I had moments of utter despair followed by worry and doubt on how I was going to make it.

Tuesday and Wednesday were good, but I had the same moments of fear in my mind.

And then it hit me;

The reason why I’m broke is because I had to pay off all of my living expenses for the month. All of my major shit is taken care of, there’s food in the refrigerator, booze in the liquor cabinet and the rent is paid.

And that’s when I said Fuck It

The lesson I need to learn is that there won’t always be times when I can do what I want to do with my money. But as long as I can take care of what I need to, and still be able to function without having to hit the pole or the corner……

Fuck It.

And with that fun fact I wish you all a great weekend. Enjoy!

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