February 14th


Ladies, This is for you

Fellas, This is for you

And just know that I Love You.

But this post ain’t for you.

Today, I’m talking to anyone  out there who will allow this one day to shatter your belief in love or heighten any sadness you feel about being single. Do NOT let this day, this one 24 hour period make you forget that there is someone out there that loves the shit outta you. And though it may not be a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband there’s someone out there who cares about what happens to you. There’s someone out there who will dream with you, learn with you, look up to you and be proud of you everyday. You have to stop looking so hard for someone to love you when there are plenty of people out there who already do.

If you can’t think of one person that loves you, then you must be a real asshole and need to change some things about yourself. Even Bin Laden had someone that loved him (an extreme example, but it should wake you the fuck up if you’re feeling sorry for yourself today).

I can’t guarantee you that this will be your last Valentine’s Day without a partner. Hell, this is my 8th. I don’t know when it will happen again and I don’t know if it will happen again. But what I do know is that on February 15th the same people who love me today will love me tomorrow and throughout the entire year. Don’t let Hallmark feed you lies and bullshit. As a single person we get to do all kinds of less expensive things like drink a glass of wine alone, go to the movies alone and have dinner alone.

Shit, this is a 50% Off Holiday for us!!!

I joke, and I know some people take this day so seriously but I hope that you all can remember that this is just one day and there is at least one person out there that loves you.

Me :)

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone


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