Fifteen Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty Minutes

ImageYes everyone. It is that time in Life again. The 11 Day Stretch from my last paycheck to my next paycheck.

And this is going to be a rough, Aaliyah and Nas type of situation. Because you won’t see me tonight, and you won’t see me tomorrow.

I’ll be going to work, the gym at work and then home where I will stay until it’s time to repeat the cycle. So please tune in for another episode of The Broke Show.

I know everyone can relate. And I know I normally try to keep it positive with encouraging words. But you know what? Today I’m just not feeling it. This shit sucks. I hate being broke. Working all the time and getting paid twice a month and then being broke 75-90% of the month sounds like a recurring nightmare. Yet, it is my reality.

What is it all for? I wish I knew. There’s got to be a better way to make it in this world. There has to be more to life than working, paying bills and then waiting another 11 days for the next check.

That’s 264 hours.

15,840 minutes.

I guess this will be my theme song for the next two weeks.

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