Go Sit Down Somewhere

ImageOver the weekend I was hanging out with my brotha and his family watching football. At one point his girlfriend’s daughter was running all around the house, talking a whole lot and just being a little kid, which we all know can be annoying at times. After about an hour she had had enough of her daughter’s shenanigans and quickly snapped at her ‘Go Sit Down Somewhere!’

On a different occasion, I was on the phone with my BFF The Diva talking about a multitude of things ranging from politics to music and everything else in between. Somehow we got onto the subject of Tamar Braxton.

Tamar, as you may or may not know, is a bit delusional. Most of the things that come out of her mouth make you cock your head to the side and look at her like ‘Go sit yo’ ass down somewhere’

Sometimes in life you’ve got to tell people to sit down and shut the fuck up. And today, in our lives right now, I’ma need the racist Republicans to go sit down somewhere.

They are all under the belief that since we have a black president it’s time to leave America and start over. Some of them are so astounded that they want to secede from the union altogether and start afresh with new laws and government.

Let me break a few things down to you mu’fuckas. Please bear with me as the truth can sting just a little bit.

First and foremost, if you were really gonna leave , your dumb asses would have done so already because, as you may already be aware, the black man was RE-elected to be your president for a second (that’s number 2) term.


You’re familiar with the prefix Re aren’t you? As in Obama will be Returning to the oval office for his second term. You all need to Remember that’s he’s been your president for the last four years and stop acting so damn Retarded.

I know that last word was a stretch, but not when I’m speaking about certain Republicans.

Secondly, Bitch, where you goin’?

Most of the people around the world think Americans are idiots. And if you move to a different country and tell them that the reason you moved is because Obama was RE-elected president, in the words of Carrie’s Mom, they’re all gonna laugh at you.

And finally, exactly who do you think you are to just up and leave when something difficult arises?

A straight up bitch, that’s who.

You see, my fellow Americans, when Bush was in office there was tons of fuckery to go around for EVERYONE. And we all survived. Sure, you may not like Obama’s policies and think that all he does is give money away to welfare recipients and allow those damn gays to destroy the sanctity of marriage but you really don’t have much of a choice now do you?

Do you want a Civil War? Let’s not forget what happened to the South in that situation and at the time our president just looked like he may have been black.

This one actually is.

Take my advice. Go sit down somewhere and shut the fuck up. You’ll be all right.

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