Hate To See You Leave


Ah 2013.

What can I say? You and I had a few good times. I’ve accomplished a lot during our time together and had to face some hard decisions that I know will enrich my life for many years to come, God willing.

However, I can’t let you leave without Thanking you for your time.

I have to Thank You for re-instilling the desire to not let this flame inside of me be extinguished due to my own fears and reticence. In other words, Thank You for the gift of writing.

I want to Thank You for seeing my goddaughters both achieve major milestones in their lives (One went to college while the other one started walking and talking!)

I want to Thank You for allowing my Grandmother to see her 94th year of life and remaining the same funny, smart lady that I’ve loved since I was a little boy.

I want to Thank You for keeping me and my friends together for over 20 years, which is a blessing. At this point they’re no longer my friends, they’re my brothers.

I want to Thank You for giving me a best friend who keeps me laughing and supports me in everything I do. She is my rock, my baby momma and my wife 😉

I want to Thank You for every trip I took this year where I made it safely to my destination and safely home.

I want to also Thank You for the struggle that is running your own home. It’s not easy but I make it work, and it’s well worth it to have a place to call my own.

I want to Thank You for giving me a beautiful, down to earth mother who keeps me laughing and a strong, intelligent father who keeps me moving.

I want to Thank You for all the kids in my life that make me smile every time I see them.

I want to Thank You for every friend or family member that I’ve hugged tightly, or shared my life with or cracked a joke with or had a drink with because those are the people who make me happy and keep me motivated towards becoming a better man.

I want to Thank You for the ability to walk and talk and not take bullshit from anyone because I don’t kiss ass.

I want to Thank You for every man I met this year who taught me what I want and what I won’t settle on for the sake of not being alone.

I want to Thank You for the burnt chicken nugget still rolling on four wheels and not being a major pain in my ass like all of my previous cars.

I want to Thank you for the gift of all the miserable, empty people around me who are existing and not living. I pray they find their peace in time but even if they don’t they consistently show me just how blessed I truly am.

But ultimately, I want to Thank You for being over.

This wasn’t the greatest year for me. I won’t go into a huge recount of why because all of that shit is over now. Everything I experienced in 2013 has made me a stronger version of myself and I know what I must do to enrich my life as I move forward. I’ve listened to fear and doubt long enough to realize it’s just a song on repeat that I can skip or delete. 2013, I want to Thank You for making me face me. And what happens next year is just the beginning of a new chapter in the book of Ben.

So with that I raise my glass and bid you a fond farewell 2013. You don’t have to go home, but you’ve got to get the hell up outta here.

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