To Your Health!


As I get older I realize the importance of having good health both mentally and physically.

Good mental health is imperative for living a fulfilled life, as is being in good physical health. No one wants to live a life that’s dictated by pills and limitations yet many of us have ailments waiting for us that are beyond our control.

I have either high blood pressure, high cholesterol or both to look forward to when I get older, not to mention fucked up vision.

Knowing that these things are on the horizon is good information to have because then I can find a way to stave it off for as long as possible.

However, we live in a time where we are constantly reminded of just how often we invite germs and diseases into our lives. And the media loves to keep us informed with up to date information about any new “possible” health scares.

Take, for example, the recent Ebola crisis. I wrote a post a few weeks ago about Ebola to alleviate anyone’s fears about how the disease is contracted. Still, as I suspected, Ebola has become the latest weapon in medically frightening the masses.

The ironic thing is that we’ve never needed a disease to scare us because the television does it every day. Take into account the commercials for various medications that target specific physical and mental conditions.

Many can recall the commercials for Abilify and Cialis that come on at least once a day. And though it’s good to have the information out there for the people who genuinely need it the hypochondriacs will absorb that information and self diagnose themselves with something that they probably don’t even have.

It’s like we are constantly being reminded about all of the illnesses that are just waiting to kidnap us from a healthy life. Everyday we are faced with the “possibility” of getting sick without any real evidence that we will get sick.

Another thing about these medical commercials that scare the hell out of us is the fact that they come with so many side effects.

Abilify, a drug used to treat depression and bipolar disorder, lists confusion, fatigue and thoughts of hurting oneself as some of their side effects.

Do people who are bipolar really need to be confused and ready to inflict bodily harm on themselves?

Cialis, an erectile dysfunction medication, lists shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat and painful erections as possible side effects.

What good is it as a remedy if your dick hurts while it’s hard and you might die during sex?

I remember my dad was having trouble sleeping so his doctor prescribed him with a sleep aid that listed psychotic dreams as a side effect.

The fuck????

Why the hell would you prescribe a medication for sleep that’s going to give someone psychotic dreams?

Modern medicine’s main job is to entice us to use their products all while keeping us sick in other ways so that we’ll have to use different medications. And this recent Ebola scare will not be the last time that the media threatens our safety with information about a new disease that might wipe out the entire human race.

The only way we can combat the mass produced fear of the unknown is to remain informed at all times. And the best way to do that is to take the time to do our own research because not everything you see and hear on TV is real.

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