Hopped Up Out The Bed

sleep2Normally on Monday mornings my routine goes a little bit like this:

a) Wake up to the alarm on my phone, barely opening my eyes

b) Hit Snooze

c) Hit Snooze

d) Hit Snooze

e) Realize that I hit Snooze one too many times and rush to get out of the house before 7:15

Depending on how badly I behaved on Sunday my Monday will either be a day where my eyes are half open and I’m hiding in my office in an attempt to not have anyone see me


It will be filled with sad attempts to keep my eyes open at my desk while I count down the hours until my bed and I can be reunited like Peaches and Herb (and I’ma sing the song too).

Last night (more like this morning) as I lay wide awake in bed attempting to fall asleep I came to a revelation. I have to change my outlook on Monday because if not the rest of my week becomes non-productive and I have a hard time focusing on the important things I need to take care of. I guess it really all stems from how I behave in those last hours of my weekend on Sunday Night. Even after damn near four years at this job I still haven’t gotten used to waking up at the ass crack of dawn every morning. And that just continues to confirm what I’ve always known; I’m really not a Morning person.

But this morning I hopped up out the bed and turned my swag on! Hell, I turned something on because me and Monday ain’t never been friends, yet I was able to get out of the bed so effortlessly and get to work at my normal(ish) time.

I guess when you really want to change something you can. The problem comes in the maintenance of those changes until they become second nature. And am I saying that every Monday will be this seamless? Fuck no. But the time for me complaining about it is over. And until I can get myself to a point where I view Monday as merely the beginning of the week and not a demonic entity set on destroying my happiness by killing my weekends I’ll be hopping out the bed and moving past my old outlook towards one that better suits the fact that me and mornings are now friends.

We’re not good friends, but we’re friends nonetheless.


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