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There is entirely too much going on in the world right now, and sometimes I don’t react to all of the current hot topics as frequently as I should. Call it laziness or whatever, but it’s time for me to at least address some things.

I promise I will only touch on these subjects minimally as they’re no longer as interesting as they once were.

Still, you haven’t heard my opinion yet. And until you do, nothing else matters.

 The Aaliyah Movie


When I was younger I took one look at the beautiful and mysterious Aaliyah and said to myself ‘I’ma marry her one day’.

Clearly that wasn’t going to happen for many reasons, but none more finite than her tragic death in 2001 at 22 years old. Her legacy lives on in the music she left us from a time when we were all young and innocent.

Fast Forward thirteen years later to the recent Wendy Williams produced Lifetime movie Aaliyah: Princess of R&B.


That move was horrible, and I won’t go into detail about just how bad it was because everyone who saw it knows it was trash. Hell, even the people whose lives are portrayed in the film wanted no parts of this mess. And the backlash that followed would have bordered on bullying had it not been warranted. If resurrection is real then Aaliyah will return to this life as a wig and strangle Wendy Williams to death.

For those of you that haven’t seen it yet…..don’t. Everything you heard about it was true. The acting is bad, the casting is bad, the music they used was bad (they weren’t allowed to use any of her music except for a few cover songs) It is an overall bad, bad movie.

However, if you do bypass my warning and decide to watch and judge for yourself one of the omens that the movie will suck is seeing Elise Neal portray Gladys Knight.


And that’s only the beginning.

The Soul Train Awards

I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t watch it live. But that’s why they invented the internet, right?

I didn’t really care who won what because most times it’s always the same people or people I’ve never heard of so I skipped the appetizer and went straight for the main course. After watching a few performances what stuck with me the most was the Kool and the Gang tribute and the Jodeci reunion.

Let’s start with Kool and The Gang.

I loved hearing all of their songs once again. It was good to see MC Lyte and Elle Varner, Mase (the hell has he been??) and Joe with Tamar Braxton, who looked like a come-to-life Oscar statue in drag. ?uestlove’s breakdown about how influential Kool and the Gang’s music has been for the past forty plus years was eye opening and educational. And the “Ladies Night (Not Tonight Remix)” reunion was Everything! I was all the way into it until Missy had to remind me that the damn song was sixteen years old. OUCH!

Also, why does Kim look like she’s auditioning for the black version of Memoirs of a Geisha?

Now onto Jodeci.

Why did they lip sync the entire time. They didn’t even try to mask that shit because they all “sang” the exact same notes and runs from the original songs. I guess they figured ‘What’s the point?’ since they knew half the audience was younger than 25 and couldn’t tell the difference nor did they give a fuck.

And they looked terrible.


What the hell happened to Devante and why is it after 20 years I still have no idea what purpose Mr. Dalvin serves to the group.

Do you know??


I bet Mary J. Blige and T-Boz let out a huge sigh of relief whenever they see current pictures of their former lovers. Perhaps they all should have just stayyyyed off of the drugs.

But the highlight for me was when Beyonce’ won an award and, surprisingly, she wasn’t there. It was just our luck that former bandmate and BFF Michelle Williams was on hand to accept on Bey’s behalf, even throwing in a quick ‘Girl call me for your award.’

I can guarantee you Michelle has already stripped Mrs. Carter’s name off, written her own name in with a Sharpie and placed it underneath the Christmas tree as her first official gift of the holiday season because Beyonce lost Michelle’s number the day after last year’s Super Bowl performance.

UPDATE: In the midst of writing this I heard about the Eric Garner decision and decided to end it here.  




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