Hurricane Of Hurt


Here’s a poem about how our experiences can damage another person’s life like a hurricane. Ironically it can damage us as well. I hope you enjoy it.


Ben Robinson III

I tried to give you the gentlemen in me
When you laid your love at my feet
And simply I laughed
Looked past your heart
And stared off into space
Hoping you would replace my dismissal
With some vessel of fortitude for you
Unintentionally a brotha like me was truly just being rude
Eventually I hoped my attitude would stew inside of you the hatred I’m used to
Go on
Walk away
I pray you never love another like me
What you see instills apathy here in my heart
And as you depart I start to look for another
Because as a lover my art lies in fear
So please don’t wait for me dear
The void is my choice
It comes from years of a voice that screams in silence
The battlefield of love will just leave you a victim of violence
My charm is the blade
My eyes make you less afraid
While the sex is a weapon
Guaranteed to leave you slayed
And broken feeling played
Dawg why would you stay
There’s nothing left for you here
Like a war
The survivors lat dead at the feet of this empty, satisfied whore
What you see with your eyes is a trick
Cause there’s so much more
I implore to use your smartest sensibilities like Badu
You don’t want to fall in love with me
‘Cause I’ll only hurt you
I’m like a hurricane
Seek shelter and protection
The moment I feel my erection it’s class 5
Hide or you might die
I’ll cause your heart to stop
Like fire on your body stop, drop and roll outta my way
You may just live one day
But I’m not staying

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