It’s Not Just Hip Hop

radio-dying_320Nowadays people, especially the older more sophisticated connoisseur of Hip Hop like yours truly, like to talk about how wack all of these new rappers are like Drake, and Nicki and whoever else is out there feeding our children lies and talking reckless.

The majority of marketable Hip Hop is trash. They’re all songs about materialism, misogyny and the miscreants who are all about that life of gold, guns and girls. All of the actual good music gets pushed waaaaaayyy off to the side like devoured chicken bones after a Popeye’s meal.

And before you say anything…yes…I realize that most of the Hip Hop has always been like that, but at least back in the day the shit was good.

But you know what I’ve learned? For the longest time I blamed the sad state of music on these new Hip Hop artists but recently I was in a Supermarket and that “song” by Ke$ha ,The Disposable Cum Dish(nsfw), came on. That dumb ass “song” always makes me cringe. I almost ran out of the store for salvation. Then, as I was riding along in the Black McNugget and flipping through radio stations my ears were brutally assaulted by the sounds of stripper music by the world’s best singer, a future gay porn pig bottom, a cougar in training and these mu’fuckas.

That’s when I realized it’s not just hip hop.

ALL the fuckin’ music sucks ass.

That is, if you allow yourself to only look for it on the radio. There’s plenty of good Hip Hop out there. There’s still some good R n B. You just have to look beyond what people are telling you to like. And it’s cool to like some songs from the aforementioned “artists” but never be afraid to celebrate the diversity that is good music.


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