A poem. I hope you love it as much as I do.


I Fight No Longer

by Ben Robinson III

When I look into the mirror I fear what’s there the most

The eyes of a man whose heart has vanished

And what’s left is just a ghost

Such a tragedy to see a lost soul roaming like a zombie

Resting in crypts unfit for the living or optimistic

I would like to be free once again

Fly high into the sky like a butterfly

Never asking why can’t I have the love I lack

Then frown as I retract to the fact that I’m just a less hopeful tick gnawing on romances back

For love is a liability

Merely a mirage in the dry deserted wasteland that is my love life

If you can even call it a love life

It’s more like faces of nameless bodies eroticized for my fantasies

Then tossed back into the ocean like a million love letters in bottles that get lost at sea

Yeah, that would be me

Prince Charming

Heart of Darkness

If I’m calling it’s just to get you wrapped up in my whorish mess of pleasure which will cause you pain

But I’m the one who cries for fear that my lies may kill you

Yet still leave me dead inside

Which is why I was surprised by you

The one who questioned why I do the things I do without judging me for doing them

The one who makes me hear you when I listen

Because now I know the difference

And to dismiss your presence would be a mistake

I refuse to be the man who takes you for granted

Or plans to disrespect you to make you leave

Because you speak to my heart in a language no one else understands but me

Your vowels are prayers of love

And your syllables are sonnets

You serenade me to infinity

While others were babbling broken English

It was your kiss that translated everything like Rosetta Stone

In you I’ve found my turbulence and peace

In your eyes I realize

My white flag has been planted

Your heart is now my home

  1 comment for “Love

  1. Ren
    October 3, 2014 at 6:17 pm

    I love this piece. I love the beginning that take the reader through your struggle with love and then to the middle where you admit that you have exchange sexual stimulation in place of it and then finally you find love.

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