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I believe that it is 100% imperative to look at what’s going on in your life and decide what is working, what isn’t working, and what you can do to make yourself better.

I will be the first to admit that I’ve got a lot going on in my world right now. Some things I’m doing really well while others are just kind of happening as I attempt to incorporate them into my life.

The thing that I am the most proud of is that I’m writing again.

When I started this blog a few years ago it was titled Groove Central. Where the hell did that name come from, right? That sounds like a 70’s themed chain of whorehouses. Or maybe just in my mind that’s what the name sounds like.

I sometimes come here and have no idea what I’m going to write about. I sometimes don’t come here at all because I have no idea what I’m going to write about.

I even started tying in my blog posts to my Thought of The Day statuses on Facebook, and that seemed to work for a while. But then I began to let it slip away by entertaining myself in other ways. Ultimately, my last official post was on August 1st and it was something that I conjured up as a part of You Pick The Topic Thursday.

I had become so distracted by my much needed trip to New Orleans that I stopped producing in the ways I know will keep me sane. My job is cool, but the stuff that makes me the happiest is what I was neglecting.

So I will just call that period of slippage Me Time. I needed some time to become frustrated enough to step back, take a look at the canvas, and decide what needs to stay and what needs to go.

Everyone needs that Me Time. Whether it’s a vacation, or a nice drink after a loonnnnnng day, or hanging out with your favorite people. We all need that mental break from the things in life that don’t really matter as much as we think they do. Granted, we work to keep the lights on and food in the house. But what’s the point of working hard if you never get to play?

And what’s the point of having a hobby or something you love to do to break up the monotony of your routine if you never actually do it?

So I’m back to my writing because it’s what I do and it’s who I am. I will not stray from this path towards my dreams any longer.

How’s that for some motivation? 😉

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