Monday’s Motivation

And So It Begins


The first Monday back after a long holiday is always the toughest. All day Sunday you slip in and out of the realization that once you go to work it’s Back To Reality.

The days off, parties, gatherings with loved ones and good feelings associated with the holidays are all over. And if your holiday was anything like mine then you OD’d on booze and good times.

But now, as we continue our journey into 2014, it’s time to lace up our boots and get ready for a long week of work once again. We must fight through a full five days until we get to the sweet weekend, which is always a welcome reprieve. But before we get there let me remind you of  how a regular work week goes in case the holidays made you forget;

Monday: You will hate everyone. And luckily for you, since it’s Monday, they’ll hate you back.

Tuesday: You wake up saying to yourself ‘Hey, at least it isn’t Monday’. Your co-workers will start to come back to life and smile a little more than they did on Monday, and they won’t hate you as much.

Wednesday: You can see the weekend, but you’ve got to get over the hump first. And unless there’s a camel in your office you should be able to go through your work and stay busy enough to forget that it’s only Wednesday.

Thursday: “Tomorrow is Friday!!! Oh My God! I don’t know how the hell I got through this week. But you know what, I can’t wait for the weekend. Maybe I’ll go out after work and have a few drinks.” -You

Friday: “Oh God why did I go out after work last night? But fuck it, IT’S FRIDAY!” -You

And then the weekend comes and goes until it’s Monday and you get to do it all over again.

So hold on! This is going to be a rough Monday. But it can only get better from here.


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