Monday’s Motivation

What You Gonna Do?


I have a very low tolerance for bullshit. And as I get older my tolerance drops lower than it was the day before.

Other than bullshit, one thing I absolutely hate is someone who’s negative. Everything in their life is about misery and victimization.

Listen, I don’t do ‘Oh Woe Is Me’ very well. I can sympathize when necessary, but ultimately whenever I come across these types of people my initial impression is;

1) Their every action is based on them screaming “PLEEEEASE!!!! Look at me! Listen to me! Feel sorry for me!” on the inside.

2) The second that I’m feeling low and need some encouragement from them I know I can’t go to them because they’ll be too busy trying to find a way to make it all about them.

3) They’re not results oriented. They like the pain. It gives them something to complain about.

4) Their life is nothing but drama

And I know there are some people out there who are truly suffering, be it from an illness or a particular situation in their life that’s causing them heartache. That’s different. I would never turn away a friend or family member who needs me in a time of crisis.

But when you call me all the time and never have anything positive, enlightening or happy to tell me then that’s when I gotta put you on the DNA list.

Do Not Answer.

Life shouldn’t be 100% pain, just like it won’t be 100% joy. There will be struggles, there will be storms, but there will also be triumph and victory.

If you want it.

Because we are free to choose how we handle every situation we come across in our lives. We are free to choose whether we will allow setbacks to strike us down or get up and make the necessary amendments to our lives.

One of my favorite television shows is AMC’s Mad Men. Don Draper, the principle hot mess in a world of constant hot messes, said something in one episode that is simple, yet very profound.

“If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.”

This works well while conversing with a negative person because, more than likely, they’re not really talking about anything important anyway. But on a deeper level if you are tired of being a certain way, or going through certain situations then you are free to choose what happens next.

Change is never easy, but it is possible. People who understand that will do what they have to while others will remain content imprisoned inside of their sad lives until the day they die.

It’s your choice. Please choose wisely.


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