Monday’s Motivation

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, which has always been one of my favorite holidays because it gives me an opportunity to let my mother know how much she means to me. But honestly I don’t need a holiday to let her know that. I let her know by how respectful I am to her. I let her know by asking for advice and confiding in her just as much now as I did when I was younger, if not more so. I believe that waiting for one specific day to let anyone know how much you love them is a waste of the other 364 days during the year, because if you love someone let them know every day.

If that means you need to actually say the words every day then do that. If you show love through your actions, express it that way. But please don’t just wait to do it. Our lives are not just for us. True, we function daily to do what’s necessary to survive and thrive. But the moments of our lives are meant to be shared with others. Our lives are meant to be celebrated together. Our joys, our hurts, our failures and our successes mean nothing if we don’t have a network of people who will¬†genuinely comfort or help us towards the next level of our evolution. As people we need each other. None of us can do it all on our own and those who think they can will face a brutal wake-up call. And when I say people need each other I don’t mean in the context of heavily relying on other people for success. I’m speaking primarily of our need for humanity and kinship.

2017 reflects a lot of hurt, pain, sorrow and brokenness in our society. Division is at an all time high and apathy is worn like lotion to cover us from caring about others. ¬†It’s simple to forget that humanity needs each other in a time when everything seems so jaded and detached. But always remember that this isn’t the first time in history where there’s been division and a need for unity. We’ve come through it before and we will continue to come through it as long as we never forget the power of love, the power of our humanity and the power of intelligence. Let’s not wait around to start the process.


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