Monday’s Motivation

Put It Behind You


You know what? Last week was brutal.

Many things that could go wrong did and it left me a little wiped out over the weekend.

But when I woke up this morning I said to myself ‘You know what? Fuck last week.’

I can’t be mad about something that has already happened to me. But what I can do is prepare for all of the good that’s about to happen for me because of the seeds I’m planting now.

I believe that when things are going good and everything is falling into place you let your guard down thinking to yourself ‘I’m making it work and everything is all right. What could possibly go wrong?’

That’s when everything falls apart. An unexpected bill comes up. Your air conditioner dies in the middle of a heatwave. Your girlfriend tells you she’s pregnant right after you lose your job. Your baby daughter gets gum in your brand new weave after you come home from the salon.

Setbacks are a guarantee in this Life. Fortitude isn’t. That’s something you have to build within yourself.

And I know that it’s easy to become discouraged when things aren’t going your way. Trust me, I’ve been there. But as the late Aaliyah once famously sang ‘If at first you don’t succeed dust yourself off and try again.’

You will succeed in Life as long as you keep trying. When you stop and say ‘This is good enough for me” then you can’t get mad at the things you don’t have or become envious of those who have obtained them. Everything in Life is a process, and part of that process includes failure, disappointment and growth. No one is perfect and no one will walk this road getting it right every time. Adversity builds character. Humility breeds acceptance of one’s own faults.

Ultimately, we get to live this Life one time and it’s never going to all be smooth. When the road gets rocky strap yourself in, ride it out and keep it moving towards that next goal.

AND….there’s always someone who will refute the fortitude within you and tell you things like ‘Life never gets better. Why try harder?’. When you come across those people let them talk. But keep in mind that they stopped trying and won’t be happy with anything you’re doing because they lost their drive a long time ago. And no one who’s miserable ever wants to see another person succeed.


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