Monday’s Motivation

Honor and Commitment


I get it. We’re busy, BUSY individuals. And things come up all the time. We can’t control every situation, even as hard as we try to. Sometimes Life has the last word.

However, one thing that we can control is our word.

As I have mentioned before I have five Godchildren.

Yes I know. I am the BeBe of Godfathers.

Of these five two are twin teenage boys and over the summer they said to me consistently ‘Yeah Ben, we gonna get summer jobs. Yeah man, fa’ real. Seriously, we gonna get summer jobs’

They didn’t get summer jobs

And it wasn’t for a lack of trying on their part because they did at least look for them. Still, even after their mother and I continuously advised them to be persistent in their research, go everywhere and apply to everything they possibly could, they came up empty handed. But this did not stop them from constantly saying ‘Yup Ben, we gonna get jobs soon. We bout to get Turnt Up with paychecks!’

I believed them because they’re good kids and I know they’re trying. But I still waited for them to tell me when they would start working. Every time I saw them I would inquire about how the job search was going.

The summer months whizzed by quickly and soon it was late August. The Twins were about to go back to school but I still felt like I needed to address my feelings on how they failed to deliver upon the promise they made to me at the end of the previous school year.

I sat them down individually and I asked them both the same question;

“What kind of man do you think I am?”

And even though I asked them both at separate times I was met with the same exact response.


So I followed up by asking them a different question.

“Am I the type of person who honors their commitments?”

Of course they had to say yes because I do, especially when it comes to them. Gradually I spoke to them about honoring the things you say you’ll do because at the end of the day all we have is our word.

I try to be as upfront with people as I can. When someone asks me to do something I won’t tell them Yes if I really mean No because it’s misleading and it will only come back to bite me in the ass whenever my character is called into account.
You never want to be the person who can’t be trusted because you say one thing but do something completely different. It’s better to say no once and mean it than to say yes and not deliver on the promises you’ve made.

And as I stated earlier there are certain instances where we just can’t commit to something. Some things are beyond our control. But in those situations where we can control how we achieve a goal or stay true to the word we give the people in our lives there is no excuse. Life flows so much better when you just shut up and get things done.


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  1. October 15, 2013 at 10:14 am

    Great post, Ben! Great post. I have shared it with my others in my life. You MUST be a man/woman of your word in as much as possible. If you cannot honor your word, you should at least explain.

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