Monday’s Motivation

Perception Is Reality


This is my first year playing Fantasy Football and I love it. It makes the games more interesting and it makes you really care about the progress of other teams. For years it was all about the Eagles (and it still is) but now I can watch a game featuring a different team and be just as into it as I would be while watching the Eagles.

Even though as any Philly fan will tell you, some games you wish you never watched.

However, aside from all this new football love, there is a nasty side effect to having a Fantasy Football team. During the draft you’re not always 100% guaranteed to get the player you want. And then as the season moves forward you find out that the player you wanted got hurt and you say to yourself ‘Man! So glad I didn’t pick that dude now!’

I have found myself thinking this on a few different occasions (like when I dropped Josh Freeman right before Tampa Bay dropped Josh Freeman) but it wasn’t until today when I realized that it’s a pretty fucked up way of thinking.

This morning I learned that the Colt’s Wide Receiver Reggie Wayne is out for the rest of the season due to a torn ACL he suffered during yesterday’s match against the Broncos and the first thing I said to myself was ‘Whew. Glad I don’t have him’.

Then I stopped and thought about how I had just reduced this man’s pain and suffering into a moment of gratitude for myself. Had I acquired him for my team and lost him I would probably be a little more caring (and pissed). But since it only could have affected me I don’t have to worry about ‘What If?’ anymore and I can move on without another thought about Reggie Wayne while he will go through months of rehabilitation.

Every situation in Life is viewed through the lens of Perception and Perspective.

From my Perspective I will spend the hours between 1pm until 8pm on Sundays drinking, talking shit and eating delicious carbs with my friends, checking my phone to see how my score is and dreading the sluggishness and/or hangover Monday morning has waiting for me.

For NFL players they will spend the hours between 1pm and 8pm on Sundays running, throwing, getting hit, getting booed, fighting and trying not to get injured so the checks can keep rolling in.

And even though we both love the game that “love” is perceived differently on both ends. I love football enough to leave it behind when I’m done watching it, which is why I can be so dismissive when I learn about one of the player’s injuries because if you’re not on my Fantasy Football team who cares?

The players are more involved because it’s not just a game for them. It’s their lives. It’s how they make their money. It’s how they make their mark in the world. For them, it’s everything.

Sometimes in Life we allow our own experiences to guide our perceptions because perception is reality. But I think that once perspective comes into play we gain insight into what we tend to miss in our initial reaction to situations.

Ultimately, I wish Reggie Wayne a speedy recovery and hope he comes back better next season.

However….I dodged the hell outta that bullet!





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