My New Year’s Message

Happy New Year!! I hope and pray that whatever you want this year you go after without a second thought. Because, honestly, it’s those second thoughts that deter us from achieving what we want the most. In this day and age you have to think about the canvas of our world’s structure. For instance, there’s a wig wearing moron running this country into the ground at the “Finally It’s A” White House. And as if that’s not bad enough we also have a multitude of ig’nant folks spewing their hatred and racist doctrines all under the guise of patriotism and love for the almighty ‘Murica. The irony is that most of those people’s ancestry reads like a map of Europe while the indigenous peoples of this country watch them with lingering side eyes.

But I would have to say that the biggest scar on the face of the planet are all of the people who are famous just for being famous. At their base they’re the group of super-annoying people who didn’t get enough hugs when they were little. Or those who want to garner hits to their social media pages by doing as little as possible. And when I say that I mean they take their phone out, go Live and then just sit there. Watching in awe like a kid at Christmastime as the comments and likes scroll by.

I have come to the conclusion that we now live in the society of honor. And I don’t mean a society filled with honorable people. I mean we live in a society that wants to be admired and honored for the dumbest of reasons. Women parading gargantuan Fix-A-Flat asses become celebrities of note with nothing to offer but looks. Then conversely you have men who provide little in the example of what to means to be a gentleman anymore. People don’t look each other in the face anymore when they speak. Customer Service is now relegated to the person waiting on you barely looking up from their phone to even engage with the person they’re serving. There’s a disconnect from community to now everything being about “Me, and only me”. People don’t care about each other yet want others to care about them whenever they’re going through something. What kind of mentally arrested shit is that?

Maybe this is just the way things are supposed to be now. Personally, I know that it’s not like this with every person, but there’s a huge collective of folks who have forgotten what it means to engage with each other. My advice to everyone this year (even though you didn’t ask but I don’t care, here it is);

Be kind to each other.

There’s enough negativity online, on television and in Washington to circle the world more than once. But we’re still human. We still have that one thing in common regardless of our backgrounds and beliefs. We all hurt. We all laugh. We all have hopes and fears. We all dream in some form. I just hope we never forget that our differences are what make us unique. But our humanity is what make us family.

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