My Thoughts on Kim Davis


Kim Davis, the Kentucky County Clerk who refuses to issue same-sex marriage licenses, is somewhat of a rebel.

In a world that is constantly evolving she stands her ground on her beliefs. And that’s fine because she is more than entitled to do so as an American.

We are all entitled to our own opinions and beliefs.

What she fails to remember, though, is that in this country there’s a separation of church and state.

At least, there’s supposed to be. But we all know that’s not how it works here in ‘Murica.

People with views like hers kill me because they always use the guise of doing God’s work for their bigotry. Isn’t God supposed to love everyone? Wasn’t the Bible God’s word interpreted by man? Therefore, she’s not doing God’s work at all. She’s continuing man’s tradition of bigotry through defending a hackneyed ideal of marriage that hasn’t been applicable in this country for decades.

I won’t go into the whole ‘Kim Davis has been married x amount of times’ debate because everyone already knows she sucks at marriage.

My whole thing is this;

How can she be certain that all of the heterosexual marriages she’s issued licenses for were successful?

The divorce rate in America still remains at around 40-50%, so how can she be certain that none of the marriages she approved of ended in divorce?

And let’s not forget domestic violence, which is an ongoing problem in America? How many of the marriages that she approved had an abusive partner in it?

She wouldn’t be able to tell because her only job is to issue the license and shut the fuck up.

There’s no way for her to ensure that any of the marriages she issued licenses for held up to the ‘traditional marriage’ standard.

And if she truly is doing God’s work by denying homosexuals marriage licenses would she do the same thing to an Atheist?

Because if so then she’d be shocked to discover that their marriages tend to last longer than Christian marriages.

My thoughts on Kim Davis are that she’s the right color with the right beliefs doing the wrong damn job. And had the tables been turned and this was a person of color causing all of this ruckus not only would this shit be put to sleep immediately, nobody would be turning that individual into a household name or champion of justice.

Because throwing her in jail was cute, but all that did was turn her into the Mahatma Ghandi of bigots.

She’s not a crusader for anything. She’s just a woman whose beliefs are interfering with her ability to do her damn job.

If same-sex marriage is the law, and she refuses to do her job isn’ that a violation against her duties?

If so, then whatever the protocol and process is to unseat her needs to happen immediately.

If America is Kim Davis’s boss they need to recognize that she’s a horrible employee and begin looking for her replacement as soon as possible.





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