#NoChill Memes


Memes are the devil.

Don’t get me wrong. I can appreciate a good joke just about as much as anyone else. But I also know when it’s time to be an adult.

For example, some of the Caitlyn Jenner memes are fuckin’ hilarious.

And this one was just wrong but hey, call me what you will.

The shit’s funny.

Those Uncle Zel memes from the Mayweather fight last month were spot on. And don’t even get me started on Miss Foxy.

I can appreciate some shit when it’s funny, regardless of how fucked up the context may be.

Hey, I’m a comedian at heart mind you.

But where I draw the line is when it comes to kids because they’re helpless.

Recently there has been a new meme generating around the internet of a little girl with a very mature looking face. This picture has been posted everywhere in various comedic poses, with the little girl’s face¬†photoshopped in.

At first I didn’t get it. Then after I kept seeing her face in various iterations I came to the conclusion that this baby was the subject of a new meme.

This morning I found out exactly who the new internet star is.

She’s 9 year old New York resident Casey Bardowell, and she has cancer.

The internet, who turns scantily clad whores into “models” and talentless mumble-mouthed mutha fuckas into celebrities, has taken an old photo of a sick child and had its way with her for their own entertainment purposes.

Much like how the internet turned the trend of watching young people fight into a huge phenomenon.

Much like how the internet turned Justin Bieber into a certified celebrity.

Oh no wait, that wasn’t the internet.

That was people.

Have we as a society become so juvenile that we’d take a photo of a sick little girl and turn it into something comedic for our own amusement?

But I get it though. We live in a heartless society that will offer up anything for a cheap thrill. Like videos of pranks gone wrong, and orchestrated “real” situations caught on tape. Or whatever. We’re always ready for the next big thing to pique our basest of interests.

Just as long as it’s short, though.

Because think of the last time you saw a video online that was over five minutes and thought to yourself ‘Nah, that’s too long’?

Now think about that time you really wanted to sleep with someone and the shit only lasted for five minutes.

Still too long?

Our concentration only lingers long enough to stimulate our instant gratification. And once it’s over it’s time to move on to something else.

I’m hoping that with the knowledge of Casey’s condition all of her memes will cease. And if they don’t cease, because the internet is forever, I hope people will have enough tact and class to stop laughing at them.


The baby they’re showing in that series of pictures is NOT, I repeat, NOT Casey Bardowell.

My bad.

However, I stand by what I wrote because the internet has no chill and in the recent past there has been a photo of a sick child circulated as a meme for the public’s entertainment.

Her name is Mariah Anderson and she was the subject of a cruel meme earlier this year.

So of course it wouldn’t be hard to believe that people would carelessly use Casey’s photo in the same way they used Mariah’s.

Just wanted to clear that up.

However, if all of this misinformation somehow turns into a barrage of donations and support for Casey and her family then the confusion would be well worth it.



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