Not An Aisle Fan

ImageThis morning it’s rainy, and cold, and February 8. Not that it’s a specific day, it’s just sooooo far away from the Spring it makes me sad.

This morning I caught the train at 6:53 (the train I hate with my whole heart and soul, but I must catch it in order to be here on time). I was already still half sleep, and you would think at that ungodly hour no one else would be on the train.

I was wrong.

This older, hipster nerd looking white dude was sitting there with his bag all in the seat, legs crossed like he’s at Starbucks some fuckin’ where taking up all the space. I plopped down next to him, wet from the rain and fuming with I Don’t Give A Fuck Friday swag, and icily greeted him with a ‘scuse me

He moved. He was a little hesitant but bitch moved out my way though.

Today’s fun fact is that in the morning I become Erykah Badu. Fuck the aisle, just give me the window seat.  I can look out the window and pretend whoever is sitting next to me isn’t there.

Have a great weekend y’all. Be safe out there in this cold, snowy weather.

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