Nun’ya Business: Secrets Revealed

Last year I introduced you to Allegra Fontaine, a horrible woman. Here’s her backstory:

Meet Allegra Fontaine. She’s a beautiful sistah with money to burn and lots of men to fuck. However, deep inside, she’s lonely. And a coke whore. And an alcoholic. And after a heated argument with her married, drug dealing, CEO boyfriend,  her car ran off of an embankment and flipped over one hundred times.

She awoke three months later in a convent. Believing she was safe from harm she blended in with the nuns, until her eyes met with the hot young shepherd tending flock in the barn yard.

He was just two weeks away from joining the adjacent monastery and preparing for a life of chaste holiness.

Catch yourself up on the first episode here. For those that know her story, here’s episode two:

Secrets Revealed


Allegra sat by the window sipping warm church wine directly from the bottle as she gazed into the starry nighttime sky. For a spilt second she thought about Rocco, the man whom she fled from in Atlanta. He was the only man she’s ever loved but his love came with a hefty price of violence, disrespect and, of course, his wife Victoria. Allegra met him when she was still stripping in Las Vegas and their connection became immediate because he had money, drugs and a stroke game that left her numb below the waist like Kelly Rowland in the song ‘Motivation’.

And those have always been Allegra’s favorite things.

“Sister Joan” Agnes knocked on her cracked bedroom door. “Are you OK?”

“Yes Sister.” Allegra said with a small smile.

Agnes pushed the door open with a soft touch and made her way over to sit near Allegra on the bed.

“Sister Joan…is that wine from the Sanctuary?” Agnes asked.

“Yes sister. It makes me feel closer to the Lord and after the incident with Jimmy I felt like I needed to be right next to my Father in Heaven.” Allegra lied before taking another sip.

“Oh you poor dear.” Agnes said. “But you shouldn’t allow what happened earlier to drive you to drink.”

Allegra sighed then took another sip. “I know.”

Agnes reached for the bottle and Allegra reluctantly handed it over.

“It’s empty.” Agnes said.

“I wanted to walk with Jesus tonight sister.” Allegra said as she rose to her feet. “Sister tell me all you know about Sister Anna.”

“Anna? Why do you want to know about her?” Agnes inquired.

“We’re both so close in age, she being a few years older of course.” Allegra added with a smirk. “I would love to know what brought her to the convent.”

“She’s been here for about a year or so. She was the sweetest thing when she arrived and everyone loves her kindness and humility.” Agnes said, the adoration sparkling in her brown eyes. “I think the two of you will become great friends as well as sisters.”

Allegra smiled but was unsatisfied with Agnes’ response. After their earlier altercation Allegra was certain that she wasn’t the only person lying about who they were, but without any proof she would more than likely be exposed for the lying, troublemaking harlot that she was.


The convent was comprised of six nuns, including Allegra. She trusted Sister Agnes the most because she could tell her whatever lie was necessary to get what she wanted, and now her new plan was to get Sister Anna out. And the only way that she’d be able to do that would be by exposing she and Jimmy’s sexual relationship. But she needed proof, and she also needed Jimmy to stay in order to concoct her malicious plan.

“Sister…” Allegra greeted Agnes from the doorway of her office. “May I have a word with you?”

“Of course. Come in” Agnes said. She closed the lid on her laptop to give Allegra her full attention. “Are you OK from yesterday’s unpleasantness?”

“Oh yes I am. Has Jimmy left yet?”

“No. We are still deciding how to deal with this mess. Jimmy’s a good kid but he clearly isn’t going to be joining the monastery now.”

Clearly.” Allegra added, the lust flavoring her comment with sexy flashbacks. Agnes looked on in confusion as Allegra continued. “Because, monks aren’t allowed to have sex.” She paused. “You know, with women.”

Agnes’ eyes widened. “I beg your-”

“Sister I think that Jimmy should stay.” Allegra continued, directing the conversation back to her main mission.

“Really? I thought that you’d want him out for good?” Agnes asked.

“Last night, while I was sitting in my room and talking with the Lord, he came to me and said ‘Allegra-”


Allegra looked over at Agnes. “I’m sorry. That’s the name the Lord calls me when we talk.”

“Sort of like a nickname?” Agnes asked.

“Yes. But for the purpose of this story I’ll use my real name.” Allegra said between a nervous chuckle. “Last night he said to me ‘JOAN, my child, have mercy on that young man. You are a very, very beautiful and desirable woman. Do not take this transgression as a means of expelling him from the only home he’s ever known. Help him. LOVE HIM. Amen.'”

“Does The Lord always end your conversations with Amen?” Agnes asked.

“We understand each other Sister. Please don’t interfere with God’s love for Jimmy. He and I can both coexist without any further incident. I beg you, have mercy on him.”

Agnes sat for a minute milling it over. Her face was twisted into concern, but eventually her lips formed into a slight grin and that’s when Allegra knew she was about to get what she wanted.

“I’m sorry sister Joan, but I don’t think that would be a good idea. He’s already shown that he cannot be trusted around the sisters and I must always put their safety first.”

Allegra was stunned. “But, sister…The Lord said-”

The ringing of the office phone tore into Allegra’s sentence, breaking the mood and casting Agnes back into her administrative role.

“Sister Agnes Doherty.” She answered, and then a sweet smile crossed her lips. “Why yes, I am still very interested.” She then placed her hand over the receiver. “Will that be all sister?”

Allegra began to speak again but knew it would be pointless to try and sway Agnes any further. She smiled and shook her head.

“Ok. See you for afternoon prayer.” Agnes said before returning her attention back to the phone call. Allegra walked outside to the garden and sat on the edge of the bench near the duck pond. She glanced over to the spot where she first laid eyes on Jimmy while he was landscaping, shirtless and sweaty. She thought to herself ‘Why would a man that fine join a monastery?’. It was the thought that triggered her plan to get him in the sack and now she was sitting in the same spot thinking about how she could get Jimmy to stay after accusing him of trying to rape her.

“Sister, are you OK?” A voice called to Allegra from a distance. She turned around and saw the angelic face of Sister Helen, by far the youngest of all the nuns.

“Yes I am Sister.” Allegra said.

“Are you thinking about Jimmy?”

“Kind of. I don’t know, I just feel like I may have made a mistake.” Allegra said, stopping short as to not reveal too much of her true intentions. “Perhaps he deserves another chance.”

Helen took a seat next to Allegra and placed her hand on her thigh. “Everyone deserves another chance Sister. We all lose our way sometimes.”

Allegra sat in silence as she looked away at the ducks. A few of them glided across the pond so gracefully without a care in the world, and Allegra felt like she would never be as free as them. Her time at the convent was restful, but she was beginning to become bored with all of the restrictions that came with living in a convent. And as she sat lost in her own thoughts she was snapped back to reality when she noticed that Helen still had her hand on her thigh, rubbing it gently. When Allegra turned to face Helen the look on her face was questionable.

“Uh….are you OK?” Allegra asked.

“I am now.” Helen said as she leaned in for a kiss. Allegra jumped up as Helen took a nosedive into the pond, alerting a few of the other sisters of what was going on.

“Oh my!” Sister Phoebe screamed before running over to assist Allegra as she retrieved Helen from the pond. “What happened?”

“Oh clumsy me” Helen said, emerging from the pond completely drenched. “I must have tripped.”

“Did you see what happened?” Phoebe asked Allegra, who was at a loss for words.

“No no, she rushed to my aid first. But I feel so silly.” Helen said smiling, then looked over at Allegra with a lusty face. “Now I’m wet everywhere.”

“Well I’m dry like the Sahara so you keep all that over there.” Allegra said as she made her exit back into the convent to get far away from Helen, Phoebe and the entire strange situation. While walking down the hallway and passing by the kitchen she could hear Jimmy and another person arguing. She stood by the doorway to eavesdrop.

“You can’t tell me what to do.”

“YES I can!” The voice bellowed. It was Anna and she was not happy. “Why would you sleep with that girl? You’re going to blow our cover.”

“No one knows anything about us.” Jimmy said as he moved closer to Anna.

“Sister Joan?” Agnes’ voice broke the tension in the kitchen and exposed Allegra’s nosiness. “What are you doing out here?”

Anna and Jimmy both came out and were shocked to find Allegra and Agnes conversing in the hallway.

“What’s going on?” Anna asked, her death glare piercing into the side of Allegra’s face.

“I was coming to find you Jimmy.” Allegra quickly said, then turned to face Agnes. “Please reconsider Sister.”

“But my mind is made up.” Agnes stated. She then faced Jimmy. “But then again, if you can promise that this will never happen again-”

“It won’t.” Anna interrupted.

Allegra stood silently while waiting for Agnes’ decision. Originally she was concerned that when Agnes discovered her listening to their conversation in the hallway she would be exposed. Luckily, since she was a master at talking herself out of bad situations, her plan may finally be successfully executed.

“Jimmy. This can never happen again. Do you understand me?” Agnes said, the warning evident in her stature and tone. She then focused her attention on Anna. “Come with me please.”

The two of them made their way down the hall back to Agnes’ office, leaving Jimmy and Allegra alone for the first time since the incident.

“What changed your mind?” Jimmy asked.

Without a word Allegra placed her hand on Jimmy’s crotch and kissed him deeply, forcing him back into the kitchen against the wall. The two of them rolled around passionately until they both fell into the pantry. They laughed for a bit and then kissed again, this time making their way onto their feet and closing the pantry door.


It was 1:30 in the morning and Allegra couldn’t sleep. She was pleased that she and Jimmy were able to rekindle their sexual relationship but she still didn’t trust Anna and needed her to go. But since Allegra didn’t have much else to go off of other than her innate hatred towards Anna she didn’t know what to do next. Finally she thought back to Agnes’ office and the small file cabinet next to her desk. Allegra got up from the bed and looked around for something small, eventually locating a paper clip resting in between the fibers of the rug by her bedside. She then removed the pin holding up her hair, almost forgetting how much she loved it when it tickled her shoulders after it fell down.

She slipped out of her room, bypassing the nuns’ rooms and made her way down the stairs. With little effort she picked the lock to Agnes’ office and entered, gently closing the door behind herself. She unlocked each of the three cabinets and found little more than medical records and personal information about the nuns. She perused Anna’s information and everything appeared in order. She even came across a file with Jimmy’s information. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Then she remembered Agnes’ laptop, which was still sitting on top of her desk. Allegra opened it and to her surprise there was an old picture as the screen saver. It was an old Sears Portrait Studios photograph from the 1990’s, but that wasn’t what confused Allegra the most.

There staring before her were the younger faces of Agnes and Anna, who was holding a baby. Both Anna and Agnes looked very flashy with figure eight earrings, finely manicured nails, gold chains and trendy clothing.

The cocking of a gun brought Allegra’s attention to the doorway of the office. Agnes was standing with a disappointed face, clutching a .45.

She sighed. “Damn I was hoping this wouldn’t happen.”

NEXT TIME: And Now You Know! 


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